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Ministering Unto The LORD Jesus Christ — 3 Comments

  1. Absolutely, sir! Thank you for bringing to light the way mankind is to operate in the Kingdom of God.
    May the Lord continue to anoint you to speak and inspire us all. Many blessings I pray for you and your littke ones.

  2. Sir, This message speaks volume of what I see in most ministers of God today as Satan uses these parameters highlighted by you to make many called by God lose focus; forget GOD & HIS Son JESUS CHRIST chose & qualify them with kingdom purposes; While others who get influenced because of fame & fortunes force their ways into ministries God never called to. These category of ministers exhibit: attention seeking; envy; stiff competitions among themselves; give juicy words to lure members, pride, disrespectful; jealousy, arrogance etc which are all fruits of evil spirit which destroy God’s anointing. They forget also that the ministry is God’s ministry & not their own! They are only being used as God’s vessels of Honor to do God’s assignments such as soul winning of the lost on earth here & so its all about JESUS & not the big name/popularity attached to them. May God uphold & grant more Grace to those genuinely called to focus on JESUS who is the source of their gifts & carry out their assignments accordingly by God’s Grace & not unto men’s applauses, fame & wealth. Thank you Prophet Abel for the reminder

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