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  1. So again they have torn my message into pieces.
    I am not prideful. All who know me, say I am humbly and full of love, and ALL seniors at my new workplace and on every workplace call me friendly, kind, helpful, busy, very heartfelt. I AM a SERVANT.

    • Dear Marion,
      Thanks as always for your comments.
      May we humbly suggest that you write your longer comments and replies on another app or program and then “copy & paste” it into the box.
      I believe this will help you avoid getting it split in two.
      Blessings in Christ,

  2. Double, yes double confirmation !!
    First of all: I thank God for free WiFi in the Inter City Express 370.
    Sister, yesterday the Lord led me to this Scripture. How Isaiah had to go naked and bare-feet… and I remember who, but Jeremiah or Ezekiel were stripped off and put to shame also.
    And then 2. Timothy 3 ! Two days ago I sent this Scripture to 3 close people for reminder.
    I was provoked and offended by very “proud” religious people. Nowadays people easily cast the honest ones out. If you stand your ground and speak simply the truth how a situation happened or developed, they quickly call you a troublemaker. What people like in these days is, what in Ecclesiastes is described: ‘one oppresses another, in jealousy and envy’.
    Only a remnant people nowadays can handle clear speech. People want to rule over others, at least they do not accept that others do have the same dignity as they have. They discuss everything into pieces, many like to talk things down for their own opinions sake, or just for talking, talking, talking.
    Psalm 120 is so true: “But when I speak, they want quarrel / war.” I hope I could help some readers.
    I am writing this now from the ground of my home country.. Thank you for your clear understanding. Let us thank the Lord, dear Priscilla.
    prideful. I know, this is a heavy, but good task. 2. Timothy says it all.
    Beloveds – so many Christians crawl back, gossip behind the scenes, but do n…

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