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Moved to Tears! — 8 Comments

  1. Clearly Called of God to the nations! Signs and wonders following, for the glory of Jesus! Thank you for what you impart to the online Body of Believers….Bless His High Name!

    • This is a great report….to God be the glory.Iam a frequent reader of HKP articles… in fact I read them daily, and I love your prophecy letters. It always seems like they apply to me directly. Some have been very impactful that I have journaled them.With this in mind, iam not surprised that you had such a successful mission in Kenya. God bless.

  2. What an honor you received here, June…!
    I bet you have a very good health condition to be able to serve in this way beside your willing heart!!

    What a blessing to be a blessing in this way for others..

    How I would love to not serve with words only but with the accompanying wonders….!!! I always pledged and asked for it but did not receive it after four decades……..

  3. Glory, Glory, Glory to the Most High Living God. I honor you too Miss June.
    Every Word you gave was always and every time an encouragement. I thank you for everything it did for me and meant for me. Your words were my daily Manna. May The Most High God bless you abundantly. Thank you Miss June.

  4. Dido to the above and may I sow into your next ministry and help you walk with out a cane. I would love to run with you in Kenya.  Expecting the best for the rest. Much love And respect for You Lady. Sis sheilla

  5. WOW ! I am speechless… and I feel, no more words to than only: You impressed me deep with that ! Sister, your journey to Kenya has shown me a June that I had not known before. You first impressed me by your almost daily comforts for all here at HKP, as well as hrough a short but loving and caring mail exchange many years ago. Blessings upon blessings over you and your house !

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