Mutual Respect in Christian Leadership

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Lambs with Lion DNA?

Don’t get it twisted.  People may become humble as a lamb, but their DNA is still that of a lion!

People think because you take the low approached, that they won some kind of victory.  Don’t try and exploit somebody’s humbleness as a sign that you have triumph or won a victory over them.  A good soldier will play dead to the enemy until they can maneuver in position to get a clear shot.

Sometimes one person is allowing another to set their own selves up to be killed!  A person with wisdom from the Spirit, will always out think and out wit somebody that thinks from human intellects of pride.

I’m just saying people, never fight in the flesh and never get concern when somebody tries to use your humbleness as a weakness.  They don’t know that if you’re not fighting, if you’re not talking, it’s because now they are in a fight with ELOHIM personally.

Sometimes you just need to sit back put your feet up in the air and tell the devil, “I’m waiting on my angels to finish destroying you, because God promise me a new footstool!”

Much love, and remember this battle is not yours, but The LORD’s!

Change Your Situation and Attitude!

The Spirit of The LORD spoke and said, battles are being won today on behalf of the people.  There will be testimonies of people winning court cases, and settlements will come forth suddenly.

Some you won’t even get a call, just a check or a deposit!  Some will receive finances unexpectedly.

Let me also say this.  The Spirit of The LORD spoke and said some are at a standstill and no fruitfulness or doors are opening because of your attitude, lack of sowing, your jealousy of others being blessed, your hidden hatred, or your prayers of envy.

You can’t expect a move of God when you are complaining, murmuring, faithless or attacking others, because of the lack is in your life.

Those of you in your season, don’t let the attitude of those who are not, make you feel bad because you are being blessed and favored by The LORD.

You have been faithful to God been giving seeds continual have praised God despite the persecution and trials and have remain holy and righteous.  It’s your season to be blessed enjoy it and pray for those that feel like you shouldn’t be blessed because they experiencing a drought!

NOTE:  Sometimes we trying to say somebody is blocking us, or something is hindering us, when in reality it’s our attitude and actions that have open the door to our going through and lack!

A different mindset, a different attitude, a different reaction can be the only thing you need to change your situation!

Mutual Respect in Christian Leadership

Good day People, I’m just stopping in this morning to let you know I’m praying for you today.

I’m excited about the announcement that satan made through his ridiculous attack, because adversary is the best advertisement of a new elevation promotion and shift!

God is taking me to new heights and depths in the Holy Ghost and I am assured of pure unchallenged victory!

On a more serious note, the Spirit of The LORD dealt with me about spiritual bullying on last night as I begin to ponder on something’s.  We must be extra careful in this season that people don’t try to browbeat or attempt to intimidate you through threats or flexing their attitude muscles or coercion to back down from your convictions to help them in ministry and to sow seeds into their life.

People will use bullying tactics when confronted chastised corrected or disciplined.

I have noticed in the Body of Christ that people think there position or popularity is some kind of leverage to control people thoughts actions and their opinions.  They will throw out swelling words of anger hate and have outbursts of uncontrollable attitude to try to get people to back down or try to prove to the people that they are this invincible person.

Spiritual temper tantrums are on the rise in leadership position.  They will fight to keep a platform more than fighting to cover the people from danger from the enemy.

A good Shepherd will always safeguard the sheep even if it brings discomfort to them.

Many times they will put themselves in harms way battling the enemies that come up against the sheep.  They don’t have an attitude of self preservation but their main concern is protecting guarding and watching over the sheep.

People often ask me why am I so passionate about what I am called to do.  They don’t understand that I truly walk in love and take my calling in the Kingdom very serious.

My yes to God, including my no to my own flesh.  You see, you can do what you want, say what you want to me, or about me, I’m not concerned, because i have been doing ministry longer than some people are old and I’m proven, because I have remained consistent and faithful to God and my calling.

But when it comes to the sheep and they being hurt or harmed, I’m going to do like David and fight a lion and bear to keep from losing one soul to the enemy.

For those of you in leadership, you must first love God more than anything, and have a sacrificial love for those you are called to served.  Most of the time, especially in this hour, people tend to think of themselves and carry a certain degree of selfishness.  They tend to think of themselves first making sure all is well with them before they show love compassion or concern for other persons.

On the flip side I have also seen the sheep try to use bullying tactics on the Shepherd through defiance against leadership creating argumentative disturbance or withholding their support or finances to control the Shepherd.

I have seen those in leadership when dealing with these type of persons, back down or just let them have their way, to keep from dealing with their attitude or ungodly character.

Leaders, in no way should you allow yourself to be bullied by anyone.  You must take a righteous stand and deal with the behavior of those put in your care.  Rebuke, correction, discipline are necessary for you to maintain the respect, honor and integrity, that is necessary when it comes to leading the people.

As a leader, one of the hardest battles I have faced is when I continue to show love and respect to a person who at every opportunity rises up against me as a person of authority.

When a leader constantly reaches out to people and then are met with disrespect or defiance, after while, the love that leader has for that person, becomes challenged to the point that the leader begins to pray that God either fix it ,or delivers them from the person who constantly torments them through their disobedience, rebellion and disrespect.

This is not good for the person, or the leader.

Much wisdom, discernment and insight is needed in this hour to keep balance respect and honor intact.  There is much correction that needs to take place in the Body of Christ between leadership and the sheep.

Mutual respect is needed plus the ability to honor those in leadership and also Kingdom order needs to be truly taught.  Things are taking place at an accelerated speed and the Body of Christ needs to get into alignment with the will of God!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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