We Got By For A Season


It has a certain ring to it.  It seems that it starts out alright, but if you listen closely, you can hear self speaking.

There is so much being proclaimed here; just as it has been in days gone by.  New levels in our knowledge and revelation with the Spirit, were never intended for some kind of across the board promotion.  It is true, that the Spirit is speaking through appointed vessels and revealing things to them in this hour.  We must, know who they are.

The preacher said, to every thing, there is a season; and a time to every purpose under the heaven.  All this greed, this desire for and accumulation of wealth, the act of seeking pleasures more than seeking God, the show of self-righteous and self-exaltation, is not new.

Following men and their commandments didn’t just start today.  A den of thieves in the house of the LORD, was in force for many years.  It’s all gotten worse; and much, will continue to do so.

Prophets/ prophetesses declaring their own visions that are not of God, didn’t just arise in the 20/21 century.  Spirits attempting to usurp their authority over the Holy Ghost, began a long time ago.

The writer spoke, “There is no new thing under the sun.”  It’s likely, that the story of most of the world being destroyed once, has lost it’s punch.  And it has been quietly pushed aside, that God was so angry with his own chosen children, he wanted to dispense with them all. Much of this, is actually talking about humans; people.

If we’re honest, there are a lot of us who have questions.  One we were taught not to ask, is God, why are you allowing all of this to happen. W e cannot truly have a genuine relationship with Him, if we cannot ask questions; what kind of relationship would that be.

If I cannot understand something, why not ask the One who has all of the answers.  Every thing has a season.  There is a purpose for all things; and there is a time for it to express itself.  God, made it so.

It’s not my choice, but I am disturbed by many of these messages that are being proclaimed here on Facebook.  Things that are not of the Spirit, do not sound exactly right; it’s off in some kind of way.

If we hear the person talking more than we hear the Spirit, it’s likely not of Him.  It is biblical, that we minster to one another.  Words of wisdom and words of knowledge operate wonderfully when the Spirit is the true author.  It’s a miraculous thing when it happens to us; so special.

The real thing, will quell that which is not.  We learned through the scriptures, that there actually is a reason why God might allow something false to appear blessed.  Or, abide something that is not the Spirit, to perform like they are.

It’s so that when the time comes, when the season is right, those who are truly anointed and called, will be made manifest.  In other words, the real thing, that which is genuinely ordained, will come forward to surpass and far outshine, the look-a-like, the seems to be.  Everyone, will know the difference.

Jesus Christ said, let the tares grow up with the wheat.  When the harvest comes, His angels are going to do a work.

Did it ever really occur to us, that Jesus Christ himself, may finally be fed up with what has been done within His body?  That which was paid for with his own blood, demonstrated to those who were chosen to follow Him and endued with power from on high, still belongs to Him.

We may have gotten by for a season, but its purpose is about finished.

The time, is to humble ourselves and seek His face.  It’s time to turn.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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