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My Abraham Moment — 3 Comments

  1. Wow. This is speaking to me. I am in a position where I have prayed for the reconciliation of my marriage for nearly 3 years. We are still married but he is in Egypt and I’ve crossed the Jordan. I’m waiting for him. Warring for him. He hasn’t seen our young 20’s children in 2.5 years. The whole thing is heartbreaking. My daughter has left her gov’t job in DC by obedience to the Lord, and my son is at college in another state. My house just sold and I’m torn between going where my son is (where I had dreamed our family would be put back together) and 500 miles away where all the doors seem to be opening. I saw a house today and I’m considering making an offer. And im completely shattered over it.
    I’m letting go of my dream and saying yes to God. I know this is my Abraham moment. “Can I have it all, Sarah? Your son, your husband, your dream of a new life with all of you together?” The answer is: “Yes, Lord. Yes- You can have it all.” Inside I’m begging Him to stop this process. I feel like I’m about to pick up the knife and drive it through the chest of everything that does (and should) matter in my life. But I have to be willing to leave “son or daughter or spouse” to follow Him. Pray for me as I go for the follow through.

    • We will pray for you and ALL your family. Your situation is heartbreaking but God is the mender of broken hearts. His yoke is easy; His burden is light – because He carries it with you and walks alongside of you wherever your destination. Most of all I pray the peace of God that passes all understanding – His Shalom – be with you and give you strength and peace for the road ahead.
      God bless you, keep you, and prosper your path.

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