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  1. They must choose the best path for themselves? That’s like telling an unbeliever (that all out lie from the pits of hell) that there are multiple ways to Christ. Come on really? Then, again… God gave us free will. All of us free will (believer or not). It comes down to choosing Him qnd believing His Word or trusting this world/things and ways of this world. Just choose wisely. If one does not know the Lord, one will not use godly wisdom, or get revelation. So, therefore you are dependent upon man and self(SCARY)!!I think the man of God gave a good description of the statement along with the backing of God’s Word. It is geared more towards the believer than the unbeliever, no doubt. All the same I hope it helps the believer and the unbeliever alike. A genuine thanks to the Prophet.

  2. Good words brother Ken!
    I believe what the scriptures say, and our bodies belong to God.  As believers, we are to house the Holy Spirit IN us.  We are to be used by God- we give Him every part of us… our hands, our minds, our feet, our mouths…
    We either give Him ALL of us, or we can choose not to.  THAT is our choice.  When we choose to surrender every ounce of our being to Him, our physical body becomes His property, and we choose to allow Him to have access to every cell of our being.
    So, we should be saying, “His body” (“my body”), “His choice” (“my choice”).  Would God want His (our) body being subject to abortions, let alone destroying HIS little body (baby) inside of us?  Would he want us injecting such a controversial vaccine into His body?  By praying in the secret place, we will hear and know what He wants.

  3. I don’t say it’s “my body my choice”.. I say, “I am Pro-Life” & I will not take a vaccine, that was produced by testing on “fetal cells” or “contains fetal cells”.
    I am Pro-Life, & the life of a helpless, innocent, pre-born baby was ended brutally!  And I am opposed to abortion!
    The government is not my God!
    My life is in the hand of God, & I obey God on this.

  4. According to Dr Mike Yeadon and other experts whose voices are being suppressed, these jabs are not only dangerous but must also have been known to be dangerous.  Crucifying the flesh does not mean relinquishing the control of what goes into our bodies to others who, to say the very least, are not entrusted with guarding these temples.

  5. You are mislead, Ken. The old thinking has taken hold and you think others can mandate the medications they think you should have.. our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit of those who believe. We should consult Him about everything including what we take into our bodies, our conscience guides us individually.
    My choice, my bodies is saying just that. Governments do not have the right to dictate to us in that area. Hitler rode rough shot over the people and it will happen again if we let it.
    Those not committed to Christ still have to obey their conscience also.
    They must choose the best path for themselves. Christians should only be presenting Christ and stop laying down the Law . Those who live by the Law are under a curse.

  6. You are correct. Further, using the “my body my choice” argument to refuse the vax also inadvertently justifies abortion as you are agreeing with their argument.

    • Pour moi, utiliser cette expression “Mon corps, mon choix”, c’est plutôt une façon de montrer une contradiction. Si certains revendiquent haut et fort “mon corps mon choix” pour l’avortement, comment expliquer alors une obligation d’injection dans le corps ?

      [ HKP Admin : Google Translate : “For me, using this expression “My body, my choice” is rather a way to show a contradiction. If some claim loud and clear “my body my choice” for abortion, how then to explain an obligation to inject into the body?” ]

    • The expression “my body, my choice” may justify abortion, only if there is one body involved, the mother’s. However, there is always a second body, the child’s, which is the actually what the “choice” is all about. 

      Using this expression is not to concede to the principle of abortion, but to point out the inconsistency of those who may use it (i.e., misuse it) in relation to abortion, while not using it all in relation to personal choice over the jabs.

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