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  1. Actual testimony to these promises:
    Yesterday I thought I couldn`t walk any longer, 1 foot was aching so heavy, after 9 hard working days on my feet, walking fast through long corridors, always highly concentrated, and in shift work. For sure, I silently prayed while I walked, and when I rested in the breaks, the Lord heard my voice. But day by day it went more worse – I did not know which shoes I can use to walk without pain. And it would be devil`s greatest victory when I would lose the new job. Some comments of colleagues, if I am really able to stay in this job, made the troubles even harder. Yesterday I went barefeet to the river, nearby the workplace, and I poured oil over the feet, made a bandage around and prayed to the Lord, that He promised that He makes the weary strong and to walk in power, according to the Scripture in Isaiah 40, and that He is the great healer. Wondrously it went much better then, and I could finish my work until 9 pm. Later I spent 2 refreshing hours with new friends.
    Most people hide their aches, hoping that no one sees behind their masks. I know, why I also had to hide even the smallest weakness, because when others see you suffering, they have their gossip and they spread doubts. Sister Deborah – your words are always a great treasure for me.

  2. Dear Deborah

    I thank you for having such an awesome mindset you are always so positive and for this I am grateful.  This word that the Lord has given you speaks to my heart as it has brought tears to my eyes.  A few days ago the Lord brought to my mind a song in the early hours of the morning which I used to sing when I attended church “JUST A CLOSER WALK WITH THEE” I went on the next and down loaded so many versions of this song. Jazz, blues, country and as I drive for a living it was so nice to hear that over and over for hours.  Yesterday I got a call from the hospital for more tests first thing this coming Monday and like your word says Satan comes only to kill steal and destroy in which ever way that he thinks we will bight the bait and mine was symptoms as the emergency of the hospital calling. I spent most of my day crying at work talking to the Lord and I asked Him for a word to bring me through and I believe He said
    “I’ve Got this.  So the Lord bless you Deborah it is always a sincere pleasure to read the prophetic words that you put out. Sue

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