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My Favor Shall Rest Upon You! — 1 Comment

  1. Ablaze me Daddy, with your Glory, Power and Might, Shine brightly upon my face of delighfulness, draw others to me, let your awesome transformation overtake, let your presence overflow, fill me, make me a vessel of honor when others see me, they see you, I ask and i receive it, for your anointings is upon me for good works, even greater works shall I do in the last days I will become like you drawing all to me, so you can get the Glory, honor and highest praises, and adorations, for this is thy will, to make me stand out as a beacon of light shinning brightly in a darken world, where all have gone astray, are lost, following their own sinful ways, bring them to repentance with signs wonders, miracles, manifesting within me, as I go forth in your power to rule and reign far above all powers, rulers and principalities of this darkness upon the earth. I give you thanks and the highest of praises, for what you will do in me to accomplish your will for my life. Amen and Amen.

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