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My Joy in You Is Shaking the Earth — 4 Comments

  1. Joy, Joy, Joy, is what I have bubbles, and bubbles of joy, joy, joy, my Daddy gives to me, for I delight highly in him always, no matter what I’m facing or going through, for his joy, is my strength, which is good medicine to me.
    Hallelujah, oh how I love you awesome wonderful savior, my all in all. What a wonder you are to me, for you are so good, good, good, all the time, you are just too much for me, you blow me away, for you are the Almighty lover of my soul, my creator, my everlasting King, my bridegroom. I love you to the moon, beyond heights, you are it awesome daddy. I love you.

  2. Its so painful my beloved to be hurt by someone that you love as I am talking now my abusive husband is in jail for a domestic violence. I used to forgive him but he keeps doing the same thing but I did not have an option he hurts me a lot. Through it all the Lord has been good to me. Thank you for these inspiring words. Hope is rising. God bless you

    • Praying my God shall supply all your needs according to HIS riches in Glory by Christ Jesus praying that God heal you all the layers of your soul/ Spirit soul and body I pray that God will give you the finances you need to be freed from this violence. please read Malachi 2 vs 14-16 GOD says GOD HIMSELF will be a WITNESS between you and the wife of your youth with whom you have dealt treacherously/vs 16 God hates covering one’s garment with violence. Pray you forgive him & God gives you another source of income so you can be healed & live free from this violence. Pray daily for yourself the angels of God protect you in Jesus name!

  3. Indeed He is a miracle God my dearest sister in Christ. I am so blessed by these powerful words its true doubts, fear and depression is coming from the devil. Please pray for me I am experiencing though time now.

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