My Remnant, My Chosen Ones!


For the chosen in Christ shall rise up and come forth to overcome him, who is called the devil.

“But you are a chosen people, the King’s cohanim (Levites / Priests), a holy nation, a people for God to possess!  Why?  In order for you to declare the praises of the One who called out you out of darkness into his wonderful light.  Once you were not a people, but now you are God’s people;  before, you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy,”    1 Peter 2:9 -10 (CJB).

 “Next there was a battle in Heaven – Mikha’el (Michael) and his angels fought against the dragon and his angels fought back.  But it was not strong enough to win, so that there was no longer any place for them in Heaven.  The great dragon was thrown out, that ancient serpent, also known as the Devil and Satan [the Adversary], the deceiver of the whole world.  He was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were hurled down with him,”   Revelation 12:7-9  (CJB).

For I say to you, this day, I AM calling to My Chosen, My Remnant.  Those who have not forgotten Me. 

Those who even now are coming out of the shadows and the hiding places, where I have put them, My Remnant.  I call them forth.  For it is My Hour, My Time.

Look around you and see what I have done for you, where I have brought you from.  For you come from every nation and tribe.  I have left none out, for you are My Chosen Ones.  You were chosen before birth by Me for this time and this hour.  I have consecrated you for My Service.

“After this I looked and there before me was a huge crowd, too large for anyone to count, from every nation, tribe, people and language.  They were standing in front of the throne and in front of the Lamb, dressed in white robes and holding palm branches in their hands,”   Revelation 7:9 (CJB).

“Here is the Word of ADONAI that came to me: “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you;  before you were born, I separated you for myself.  I have appointed you to be a prophet to the nations,”   Jeremiah 1: 4-5 (CJB).

Will you come forth to fight for your nation and your King?  Will you come to give your life to Me that I might finish your training, that I might further mold you into My Likeness?  Are you willing to overcome for Me?

My Chosen Ones have come from many places and backgrounds.  Your earthly education isn’t what is important to Me.  What is important is your heart and your relationship with Me.

Are you willing to follow Me and give Me your whole heart?  Are you willing to forsake all others for Me?  Are you willing to sit at My Feet and be obedient to Me?  Are you willing to count the cost?

“They will be My people, and I will be their God.  I will give them singleness of heart and singleness of purpose, so that they will fear me forever – this will be for their own good and for the good of their children after them.  I will make with them an everlasting covenant not to turn away from them, but to do them good; I will put fear of me in their hearts, so that they will not leave me,”   Jeremiah 32: 38-40 (CJB).

Do not tell Me that it is too hard to do.  Many have gone before you, turning over their lives, hearts, families, and possessions to Me.  They willingly paid a price, and their Heavenly reward was great.  Are you willing to be counted in their number?

Are you willing to come out of your place of safety in you and trust Me with all of you and all that you have, are, and will be?  Are you willing to let go of all that you know and are now, to follow Me without reservation, with total dedication and devotion to Me?

Are you willing to chain yourself to Me, to become My slave?  To willingly wait on Me, listen to Me, follow My Directions and My Heart?

So, does it sound as if you are going on an adventure and you don’t know if you’ll return?

You are.  When you choose Me and give Me everything you are, you have, and you will be, then you are choosing to go on the greatest adventure of your life.  BUT, it isn’t just with a random partner.

You are choosing to go on this adventure with Me, I AM, your Creator, your Healer, your Father, the Lover of your Soul, your King, your Beloved, and more.   All that I AM as your ALL IN ALL..   I AM the complete and total package of everything you will ever need or want.

Regardless of your gender, are you willing to become like Moses, David, Elijah, Elisha, Jehu, Esther, Peter, Paul, or John?  None were perfect.  BUT all gave themselves to Me to allow Me to work in and through them, so that more could know Me as their Lord and Savior.

So let go of you.  Let go of your past, your present, your plans, your clubs, your secret societies, and your ideas of what life should be like.  You know, all those things of man, that aren’t Me, let go of them.

They aren’t doing you any good.  Come join with Me for the adventure of your life.  Your eyes, ears, heart, and spirit will be opened as never before, because of Me.  You will walk in signs, wonders, and miracles as you’ve never imagined.  You won’t regret it.


Do not fear.  I will be with you forevermore.  If I AM for you, who can be against you?

“The angel answered he, “The Rauch HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) will come over you, the power of the He ‘Elyon (Most High) will cover you.  Therefore the holy child born to you will be called the Son of God!  You have a relative, Elisheva (Elizabeth), who is an old woman; and everyone says she is barren.  But she has conceived a son and is six months pregnant!  For with God, nothing is impossible.”  Miryam (Mary) said, “I am the servant of ADONAI; may it happen to me as you have said.”  Then the angel left her,”   Luke 1: 35-38 (CJB).

“Furthermore, we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called in accordance to his purpose; because those whom He knew in advance, He also determined in advance would be conformed to the pattern of His Son, so that He might be the firstborn among many brothers; and those whom He thus determined in advance, he also called;  and those whom He called; He also caused to be considered righteous; and those whom He caused to be considered righteous He also glorified!  What, then, are we to say to these things?  If God is for us, who can be against us?”   Romans 8: 28-31 (CJB).


God Bless You!
Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

Beverly Juelsgaard-FischerGod has allowed Beverly to minister all over the world through the internet, and in person through conferences, church services, and small groups.  Beverly’s heart is to see the Body of Christ walk in the freedom that God means for them, so they can develop a deep intimacy with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  She ministers to others through prophetic words, and other gifts, bringing breakthrough and calling people into a constant pursuit of His Heart to actively hear His voice for themselves and others. Beverly lives near Danville, VA.

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