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Raw Honesty From a Weary Soul — 6 Comments

  1. You gave me your word and told me to wait ; from the day of my birth you have know me ; even David did not accend into heaven no man has accented into heaven accept he that came down from heaven

  2. Mary, I feel this could be me writing this.  I feel so alone, yet not lonely.  This last 30 yrs,most rewarding yet that Calvary Road was so hard not many want to stay on it.  I can only say, the bigger the job the harder it is.  Studying the Tabernacles, Solomon’s Temple for over 30 yrs. I now understand why the Remnant has had to battle so within. We are in a “chemical war” within. Our blood effects our “thought process” and the Pineal Gland is our spiritual gland. Daniel 1:8 is about not defiling the body. I could give so many spriptures about the unclean food. I have been saying for 20 trs “food” is a stronghold in the Body of Christ and I was rejected. I am starting a school to teach facts;Bible and Science. Biochemistry teaching in “Regenesis” We each have something to bring to The Table!  In Christ, Nancy Holste, Fall City,Washington

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