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  1. yes the sound of peace the sound of power. Where there is no weakness but strength by strength (“power to the faint”-Isaiah 40:29).
    That voice,that water,those winds,those mountains,the heavenly blue,the sun going forth in its might (judges 5:31) those clouds of glory…that rain.Ask for that rain (zecahriah 10:1)

  2. Thank you Lord Jesus for your continual comfort
    Yes, there is lot of people who need comfort, like that human officers do, let us assure them that we do care. There are people, who do not know what to do, where to ask, even what to ask for. After losing dear ones, the grief is pressing in. After losing all things, hopelessness in setting in. They may not know where to start over, make a new life. What is going on, do people care …will we be given what we need tomorrow. LET US, AS THE TEMPLE OF GOD, REACH OUT IN LOVE to those in need of His divine love. Defend the rights of the poor and needy, speak out for those who are being downtrodden, give aid, but most importantly, through doing so, let them know that God Almighty Himself have never forsaken them, never stopped loving them. He is drawing attention to His love and care, give thanks to our Father in heaven, Whom we even are allowed to call Abba. We thank the Lord for His instruction through you, your prayer and blessing. God bless you in doing so. Lucia Ludvigsen

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