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Rejoicing in the Midst of All our Trials & Tribulations — 4 Comments

    • Hey Charity. I have missed you too.
      As you know I was spammed big time on fb and my account stolen! Still I know how to reach you. I would love going to lunch soon and catch up.
      Hugs, Joyce ❤️

  1. Dear Joyce,
    Thank you for this precious word. All of your articles you have been posting recently speak volumes from the heart about the truth and this article is no exception. I have been going through a very peculiar trial this last week and at first I didn’t make the connection, but a few days passed and that was when the Holy Spirit showed me what was going on and I was taken back. I had received a physical wound on my side and was shown the significance of that, and through your posting here with the verses you included, it gave me clear confirmation of what the Holy Spirit led me to. Thank you for always being obedient in posting what the LORD wants you to post. ❤️ Hugs and love to you!

    • Gabrielle you are most welcome. If it was only for you, I would have written!
      We are all being fought by the enemy and need each other in the true Body of Christ! We win!!
      I love you sister. You likewise encourage me much with your heart of worship and Psalms. Big hug and prayers. ❤️

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