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Neglect Not the Way! — 4 Comments

  1. Just finished reading the book of acts where all the sailors wanted to abandon ship when it was in the storm!  This word ministered so much to me at the time!  Yours truly, Dana.

  2. Great. Thanks for your encouragement. i dreamed ST. HELENS vacano starts to erupt last night. I have never been to Theattle before, not even know the name of the vacano.  pls watch out

    • Tina, I’ve been musing on the Mount St. Helens eruption that occured 18 May 1980 – and connecting it to Gideon’s army of 300.
      The Mount broke open on it’s northern flank sending it’s fiery pyroclastic flow towards Spirit Lake. The name Helen means, ‘ torch, light.’ I saw this relating to the breaking of Gideon’s pitcher to allow the light to burst forth. Many trees were felled – Gideon means ‘ feller, lumberman. ‘ So, I find the timing of your dream VERY interesting.

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