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No Formula ~ Just Relationship With The Father! — 3 Comments

  1. So so so true!!!!!  So many preachers confuse the people today by complicating the Word of God. This is how you need to pray and that you must do to get results etc. They once again have laid so many burdens on the church Christ, and people are buying more books, running to this preacher and that preacher because they are scared they miss something they had to do to not miss the mark. And yes, we fell trap to these preachers as we do not have a relationship with God our Father.

  2. This article is correct in saying that we do not need to use formulas but understand that God is about relationship. But this statement…God is forever changing… is not true. The word tells us that God does not change…He is the same yesterday, today and forever. We must be constantly learning the way God is and has always been. Just because it is new for us does not mean God has changed. For He does not. It is simply new for us. Psalm 55:19 God, who is enthroned from of old,
    who does not change… Leading people to believe that God changes can open dangerous doors for those less mature in faith.

    • Rebecca, we know God doesn’t change, but God might not heal you the same way He healed me. He is such an omnipotent God and we cannot put Him in a box. Just as one person is not the same and have not been created the same and have a unique fingerprint, so every situation is different, therefore every person’s testimony is different and our walk with God is different from another.

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