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“No More Mourning!” Says The LORD! — 4 Comments

  1. TY, my dad passed away, Dec 9-2015, I was his caregiver, 6yrs, he had a lot of illness, the LORD told me I would have to love, Jesus love to him, I later couldn’t care for him.
    I had to put him in assistant living, the LORD given me verse PSALM 3:4 I rushed to see him, as the LORD directed me the verse, on 4th, we hugged, n he kissed me, I told him,I see him next Wednesday, that is the day he went home to Jesus, I grieved to my bones, it was like part of me died.
    But the prophetic word today, hit it right on time, the LORD been singing to me, to come to him.
    So Ty LORD for using June as your mouth piece.
    Blessings, Anointed

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