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  1. Doubt is not another word for unbelief as some Christians seem to think. There is a verse where Jesus tells Peter about doubting and having little faith (Matthew 14:31). Notice that He does not say “Oh Peter, you have absolutely no faith! Why did you doubt!” That is sad because when another Christian comes to them in terror asking for assurance of salvation, what they get is condemnation instead of help.

    The greatly troubled Christian admits, “I am doubting my salvation. I hope I am saved.” The condemning Christian replies with, “If you are doubting, then you are not saved.” What has just happened here? Well, for one thing the condemning Christian has just made matters much worse. For another, they have just told the other Christian that they are not saved. They have said, “If you are doubting you are saved, that means you are not.” The other Christian just admitted to doubting being saved. So what does that mean altogether? “Oh, wait, I am doubting I am saved. This person said if I am doubting I am saved you are not saved. That means I am not saved! That means if I doubt or have doubts, that I am not saved! I am not saved!” 

    Then the Christian figures that, “If I lose my salvation by doubting, then that means that I must NEVER doubt.” Therefore said Christian does whatever he or she can to avoid doubting.

    However, the Christian is doing ok when he hears on the radio it said, “All who doubt they are saved, are not saved for they are complete unbelievers with zero faith! They shall burn forever! Glory!”

    Then immediately, and out of the Christian’s control, that Christian starts having doubts. Is it because they just up and decided to? No, but sadly too many Christians think that way.

    I suppose they have not heard of the pink elephant thing. It goes like if you tell someone to not think of something, then they will. Not necessarily because they WANT to or are choosing, but it is just how the brain works.

    • So imagine being told, “You will go to hell if you think of a pink elephant.” Your brain gets scared and goes, “Oh no! Oh no! If I think of a pink elephant, I am going to hell!” Then of course it thinks of exactly that…a pink elephant. It then panics and goes, “Oh no! I have thought of a pink elephant! I didn’t mean to! It wasn’t me! But it doesn’t matter, I’m going to hell. It’s unfair. It’s cruel. Yet off to hell I go.”

      It is the same thing with doubting salvation.

      “If you doubt you are saved, you will go to hell.” or “If you have thoughts of doubting you are saved, you are not saved.” Pink elephant. Same thing.

      So the condemning Christian basically has just told the Christian that, “Yes, so Jesus promised all who believe in Him have eternal life. I am here to tell you that He lied because otherwise I wouldn’t be condemning you for having doubts. I am here to destroy your faith in Jesus and then turn around and blame YOU for it.”

      • So then the condemning Christian tells the other Christian, “What you are doing is trying to earn your way. You are trusting in your own level of faith rather than in Jesus. You are not trusting in Him alone.” Therefore the other Christian then responds with, “Well, so then doubting is ok?” However, the condemning Christian says, “No! That means you do not trust Jesus at all! That means you are not trusting in Jesus alone!” So then the Christian says, “Then I must make sure I never doubt. I must work to make sure my faith is perfect at all times.” Then the condemning Christian says, “No, doing that means you are working and are not trusting in Jesus alone!”

        So either way you go, the condemning Christian has it set up that you can NEVER win no matter WHAT. If you doubt you are saved, then you are not saved and are not trusting in Jesus alone. However, if you do everything you can to avoid doubting (aka perfect faith), then that means you are trusting in your own faith and working your way and therefore NOT trusting in Jesus alone.

        These condemning Christians take the Christian from “I am not sure I am saved. I hope so. Please help me.” To “I know I am not saved. I know I can never be saved. You have made it very clear to me that there is no way I can be saved. You have also shown me very well that I cannot trust Jesus to keep His Word. You have destroyed what little faith I have. What little hope I may have had, you completely wiped it out.”

        • These condemning Christians will say things like, “Just take Jesus at His Word. He said that He would in no wise cast you out!”  However, if someone admits to having doubts they are saved, these same will say, “If you doubt, you are not saved.” So what they are saying is, “I know Jesus said He would in no wise cast you out. That means and would include you having doubts of being saved. However, I am here to plant a seed of doubt and distrust of Jesus in you. I am here to make you question whether or not what Jesus said is true. Then when that seed grows and you start to wonder if you are saved, I am going to further condemn you by saying, ‘You are not trusting in Jesus! You are going to hell!’ Never mind the fact I just got done planting seeds of doubt in your head concerning Jesus keeping His word (but let’s ignore that fact).”

          Satan is the accuser of the brethren. Sad to say there are too many Christians helping him do just that. They think they are helping, but are not. They think that person is doubting because “Oh sinner! That sinner has no faith at all! That person has NEVER trusted Jesus! That person is NOT trusting Jesus at all!” 

          Excuse me. How do you know that? How do ANY of us know that? Consider this, would a nonbeliever be worried about salvation? Since when have some Christians become mind readers? Walking in there confident that one just know why someone is doubting? How arrogant! What pride!

          “That person is doubting cause he doesn’t believe in Jesus!” Are you sure? Are you sure it isn’t the fact that person read a Bible verse that is troubling them? Are you sure it isn’t because that person heard some condemning Christian say, “If you doubt you are saved, that means you are not!” Then like the pink elephant thing that thought comes into their brains against their wills and then they sit there feeling utterly hopeless.

          • Sadly, no that isn’t the right word it’s too evil for that, some Christians instead of increasing the person’s faith in Jesus destroy it. The Christian comes to them with a match with just barely smoking and asks for help. However, instead of getting help so the flame increases, what do the condemning Christians do? They doss it with water. They stamp it under their feet. They drown it in the bottom of the ocean. Then when the thing is soaked to the gills they, with much pride and self righteousness glare at the other Christian and have the audacity to say, “You did this! This is all your fault!”

            No. If a Christian comes and admits to having doubts, our job is to INCREASE their trust in Jesus NOT to decrease it or plant seeds of doubt and then blame them for what WE did. That is NOT fair. That is NOT right. We need to have them leaving with more confidence in Jesus not much less confidence and even more condemnation piled on top of them.

            • This is how it should go:

              Christian admits they are afraid of not being saved: I am not sure I am saved.
              We ask WHY they feel that way. Why is it you are having doubts?
              The Christian will then tell us the reason: I read a Bible verse/I heard that if I doubted, that means I am lost and I doubted so that means I’m lost.
              For the first one we explain the Bible verse. For the second one, we explain that it wasn’t their fault. It was their brain. It wasn’t THEM thinking it. God knows the difference. Either way we find out WHY instead of assuming we know why. We do not play mind readers.
              We also ask the person “have you believed on Jesus? Do you believe the Gospel in 1 Corinthianns 15:1-4.” We rule out if at any time said Christian has ever believed in Jesus. Once that is done and if that person has confirmed yes, then we tell them, “Jesus promised eternal life to ALL who believe in Him. You have. You have eternal life. Yes, you are doubting, but Jesus knew you would but still purchased you with His own Blood which is STRONGER than anything. In fact Jesus can still save you even if you were to doubt literally every second after you were saved.”
              To the nonbeliever or the one who has not believed at all, that is where we lead them to faith in Jesus.

            • This “If you are doubting you are saved, that means you are not.” Needs to stop right now. That is causing people to distrust Jesus and bringing them much despair. It does not increase faith by any means. A person cannot plant seeds of doubt in a person’s mind and then turn around and blame them for it.

              That’s like imagine being on someone’s bed and someone tickling you until you wet the bed. However, instead of that person saying, “It was me. I caused it.” That person says, “That person did it! It’s all his fault!”

              Have not some considered that the reason some doubt is not because they just decided to but because some other Christian said or did something to cause them to? What are we telling people? Is what we saying increasing their faith or destroying it?

              Why should anyone blame someone for having doubts if the reason they do is because some condemning Christian caused it?

  2. Let’s also remember 2 Kings 19 and 2 Chronicles 32, when the faithful remnant was holed up in Jerusalem with King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah, besieged by the Assyrian horde. The mouthpieces of the enemy openly cast contempt on the LORD, speaking against Him and against his servant Hezekiah in order to terrify and frighten the people. But Isaiah spoke the word of the LORD against the king of Assyria, so that when the people awoke the next morning, they found that the angel of the LORD had gone out and struck down 185,000 soldiers and the Assyrian king had broken camp and went home (where he was subsequently assassinated by two of his sons!).

    So we must take heart and pray and prophesy to the last minute! Blessings God’s faithful prophets and servants!

  3. We are in the Valley of Decision.  Choose this day whom you will serve.  The remnant saints of the Most High God are warring against the dark forces and principalities in the name of the Lord of Hosts and they will call down the fire, just like Elijah did.  We are almost at that moment. Then the people around the world will say, “The Lord, He is God, the Lord, He is God!”

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