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Not Called to Fear, but Faith — 2 Comments

  1. Faith filled prayers will bring break through into His promises for our lives and that new and greater wave of His Glory! (B.Johnson,quotes P. King’s word given,.Youtube)
    Close at hand,.An earth shaking event occurs as His Glory enters the earth,.and Zion in a fresh new way,.Isaiah 24:1-23,_That 3 Fold Glory of the Fulness of The Father,.40,Holy Spirit-30 and Yeshua 30, is at hand.About to fill Zion with,Justice,.and righteousness.
    Passover,.Pentacost,.Tabernacles -Fulness_ Fuit.more Fruit,.Much Fruit,.-Fulness Yes,! That good, acceptable and Perfect -Fulness! When He,.comes to be glorified in His saints,.a glimpse given in that Transfiguration Mnt,.of 3, Moses, Elijah and Jesus Christ,.to 3,.Peter, James and John of the High calling of God in Christ Jesus!_ Phil 3:21, 2Thes.1 That First Resurecction,.Romans 8:17-23 “Arise,.Shine for thy light is come”! Isa.60:1-19 Mourn no more!

  2. Thank you for this word. Going through such a dry season right now. You couldn’t even imagine the battle I am going through. I just know that it will get better. Hopefully my obedience will pay off in a couple of months? Hoping and Praying to God for his perfect will and timing to be done, and for him to complete the promises he gave me.

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