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Now is the Time of Birth at the Time of Reformation in the Times of Restoration — 2 Comments

  1. Sir, On 27/7/22, I had a dream where some choir members were singing the song titled “Thank you Lord by Don Moen” very loudly in an open field that I had to join in singing. The choirs were circling the whole place with the song. I think the dream confirmed the importance of praising God with THANkSGIVING & joyful heart in this season to birth God’s plans just as you had rightly mentioned above. 
    Also, in 2016, I had a dream where I was alone with a man I didn’t know in real who touched my cheeks repeatedly & said “Use your mouth, use your mouth well child & when you speak, they shall be testimony”! Since then, with Faith, I always rely on the Holy spirit to pray, speak & see favours granted; financial blessings, ugly situations destroyed & other countless testimonies! Sir, Thank you for adding some other facts that are new to me that I would have to learn with Faith & believing God; I will see tangible results as well.  More anointing Sir.

  2. Morning brother in our Lord Jesus Christ, have been reading your articles for sometime, was wondering if you have any branch or connections in Uganda. Would love to learn more on how to observe the Sabbath and the Holy feasts as in the Bible, not the ordinary man made ones in present churches.
    Secondly I get so many Bible revelations/ readings but I don’t know how to translate them into prayer points so they become infective. Like this morning I was direct to Psalms 58 but can’t figure out how to stand in it as a prayer point. Anyway I can be taught. Thank you and have a blessed day.

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