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Obedience & Balance is Still Key in All Things — 6 Comments

  1. Dear Joyce, This year has been a circus for sure. We have felt so many times that we are truly walking a tight rope…steady as she goes to stay balanced. The tight robe walker is holding on to the ‘invisible’ helper that is holding his hand. (That is what I envisioned when I read this truth). Our obedience to trust and obey is a two fold obedience that keeps us in balance. Thanks for your obedient heart. Love you, Sandi

    • Your right and that is so true Sandi! Good example you gave there. The invisible hand will never let us go.
      Love you sister and thx for coming by. ❤️

  2. Joyce,
    Obedience to GOD is the key to so much that we are & that we have. It is the highest order of praise to Him, which is something He seeks. LOVED THIS! Very like GOD! He loves to keep it simple, in many ways & I believe that is your heart too.  Let His TRUTH come forth!  BLESSINGS! Bev

    • Yes He does, Bev. Surely no fear, but God longs to give us love, power and a sound mind.
      An obedient and balanced walk with the Lord is what I desire. It’s good to hear from you.  ❤️

    • Success, you are certainly welcome! I’m thankful you read and were blessed by it. My desire is to help people and give True hope through Jesus Christ in this dismal, gloomy world. Blessings in Christ.

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