Obey God – and all in your life will change!


Somebody, just as Ezekiel was asked whether the dry bones in the valley could live again but could not answer a word except say, “O Lord God, you know,”  even so are you:  you do not know whether your situation can change, (Ezekiel 37:1-14).

You may not have the faith for it, but I have come to tell you that if you can obey what God tells you to do today, everything in your life will change.  And this is the command God has sent me to give you: prophesy to that situation.

You see, everyone has a valley of dry bones.  Everyone has situations which seem to them like they are impossible to change and turn around.  That is why we have God with us. Because to you that situation is impossible, but ‘with God nothing will be impossible’. Remember that you are not alone: you are with God.

The Lord took Ezekiel to the valley of dry bones on purpose, because he wanted to teach him a lesson on the power of obedience.  That will always be where the power of God lies at: total obedience to his word.  God also wanted to teach him the power of the tongue and of spoken words.  All he had to do was to speak as he was commanded and change would take place.

Just as right now that is what God is commanding you to do concerning your situation.  You can choose to cry, complain, stare at, scream, ignore, or accept that situation as it is or you can rise and do something about it.  God says to you today: “Prophesy.  Open your mouth and speak His word.”  You see there is power in the word.  Even the word itself says, ‘and the word was God’.  So God is in his word.  Think about it…..

The word of God will always carry the power of God.  The scripture defines it as ‘the sword of the spirit’  (Ephesians 6:17).  Without the Word, the spirit of God will do nothing, because He is also the wind of God, He is breath (רוּחַ rûach), and like the wind, He needs to be directed.

In the beginning, the earth was in chaos [without form and void], and the spirit of God (wind of God) was hovering [blowing, brooding] over the waters but he was not doing anything yet.  Then, God spoke, and when he did many things began to happen.  Creation began to take place!  So, what was that?  The Spirit (רוּחַ) was there, but he had no work to do, because there was yet no command given.  He was [and is] waiting for a command.  Like the blowing wind, he was waiting to be directed by the captain: set the sails loose, turn the rudder.  He was waiting for God to speak the command.

Now, you must know [no, you do know], that God has put a tongue in your mouth, which is the rudder of your life-ship.  You can choose to speak death and negativity and be a great loser in life or you can choose to do what God did: speak life and see change.

You see, the wind of God is always blowing but you must open your mouth and direct it to your situation.  You must speak into your health, speak into your finances, speak into your marriage, speak into your work-place situation, speak into your children’s lives, speak into your city and nation.

You must speak life.  Not complaining about the situation, but obeying God and speaking life.  When Ezekiel obeyed the command, things began to happen.  What was dead came back to life.  What was long forgotten before, stood up before him as a vast army, all because of the power of words.

Today, I come to speak into that situation in your life.  There is nothing too hard or impossible for God.  To you, it is impossible, you can do nothing about it, but not to God, He can do something, He can do many things, even much more than you could ever ask or imagine.

I speak to your finances,  I command them to live again,  I command them to be restored.

I speak to your health, I command it to spring forth speedily.

I speak to your marital distress, I command it to dissolve by fire.

I speak to your destiny, I command it to resurrect by fire.

I speak to your family, let it be saved in the name of jesus!

Whatsoever seems impossible to you right now, I speak to it.  I command it to become possible.

I declare it upon your life: in this season, you will embrace your former impossibilities as possibilities.

Receive major divine transformation into your life today, in jesus name!


~ Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams
Apostolic Revival Church International, Nairobi


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