Old Wives Tales and Acts of Divination

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Religion versus Relationship

The worst thing I can do is teach you religion and not relationship.  Religion will make you look at God, but relationship will make you want to become like Him.

So many are teaching their egotistic ideas of the word.  They want people to follow their man-made description of what they consider to be a Christian, rather than teaching the attributes of a Christlike character.

They make all these rules and regulations to accommodate the outer exterior, but won’t teach the word that changes the interior.  Too much attention is paid to those things that have no spiritual value.

We teach the people how to accommodate sin in their life and use the message of grace to keep them enslaved to the unrighteousness within them rather than teaching the message of a victorious life and lifestyle through Jesus Christ.

Our altars stay full of those that should already be in position to bring someone else to the Kingdom, but they can’t get the sinners to come with them, because the sinner always see them sinning.

It’s time to walk in Victory, because Jesus didn’t die and rise again for you to continue living in a sinful state.  We are defeated because we many times we fail to rise to what we want to be.

Today I challenge you to make your own altar and go before The Lord in prayer and ask him to deliver you from all that has you bound.

Deliverance is available, but you have to want it!

Old Wives Tales and Acts of Divination

I will say it again people, you can’t mixed old wives tales and acts of divination with the Word of God, and think that it’s going to profit God’s people.

God is not telling you to prophesy superstitions and folk tales, and have you give occultist  instructions to His people.

I was watching a person on television yesterday preaching, and I listened very closely to the words they said.  Each word was about connecting the people to them, linking the people to them, telling the people the only way they would get what they need was to receive from them.  It was all a gimmick that sounded good, but it was nothing about directing the people to God.

It was a subtle form of witchcraft to gain influence over the people to make them think that they needed them and the anointing on their life to get anything.  They used this method to get them locked into only connecting and sowing to them.  They were causing the people to become dependent on them instead of God.  They used God word but satan’s methods to gain control of their minds and I watched as people begin to worship what they were doing instead of hearing and seeing exactly what was going on.

I have been in places were God sent me and He will say watch and have seen people get so caught up in the person that they didn’t even realize that they begin to worship the person more than God.

I have had people tell me they have been in services were it seem they were hypnotized and couldn’t help obeying the sound of the person voice and doing what they say.  So many are combining new age and other forms of worship and mixing it together and calling it the Holy Ghost.

Just because you put Jesus name on, it doesn’t mean Jesus approval is on it.

People be careful where you plant your feet in this hour!

Bound by an error Corrupted Mindset

One of the greatest challenges I face is when I have to battle for the freedom of a person bound by a mindset that is corrupt with error.  People who have been trained to be delusional, and have never been challenged in their delusion, really feel they are right and are convinced that all are wrong, but them.

Because they have never had someone in leadership to correct them in their errors, they refuse to accept truth, when it is presented.  That’s why true accountability is important, because a person who can’t discern the voice of God from other voices, will listen to whomever is speaking and live their lives accordingly.

They refuse to believe that what they are doing is wrong, because they never had anyone to tell them that what they were doing or saying, is not right.  Attempting to train, teach and steer in the right direction, those with doctrine and religious errors, requires not only patience, but strength to stand and not back down from the attacks that will be directed toward you, because people will literally fist fight you when they believe they are right.

You can show them in the word of God were they are wrong, but they won’t accept that truth, because it’s a generational error that has been passed down.  It’s those generational mind sets that are hardest, because even leaders have pass down these errors.

Having a relationship with God and reading and studying plus getting a understanding of what you are reading helps to keep a person from getting caught up in these erroneous teachings.

Because we have loosed too many unprepared, unlearned, untrained, untaught leaders who have no relationship or ability to rightfully divide the word of truth, we now have a people who don’t know the truth of God’s word or ways.

You know what’s even scarier, is when I learn that the person whom they are covered by, believes and teaches lies and errors, because they were taught the same thing!

Generational mindset errors must be corrected in this hour, but if you don’t have patience and the ability to war then send the person to someone who can help them!

True Prophets are not welcome in their own towns

A true Prophet of God is not welcome in their own town.  That’s why God is uprooting you.

Besides, the assignment is too big, where you’re at.  Even Jesus’ own siblings didn’t recognize Him and He even had to remind His parents who He was ,when they were looking for Him and found Him in the temple.

Some people will only know you in the natural, they won’t understand you in the Spirit, until your assignment is revealed!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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