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  1. Obidience to God and Gods word is the key not even Putin can detonate a single bomb if the Lord doesn’t allow it. Because it is written, not even one sparrow falls to the ground with out God knowing it.
    Many in the Church are piling up Gods wrath, many false prophets want his people to speak lies of men. They say their is no Judgment but they know God at all. In a vision I had I saw all the candlesticks being removed from the Churches. Many false prophets believe their is no judgment but they speak of their own accord, just wait for the Master of the House to show up, it will be bad, many this hour are saving sticks and works of wood which will be burnt on the day of Judgment.

    Be warned Judgment starts at the of God, if their is no judgment then Christ didn’t resurect but its all in vain.

    No matter what we do we should alwayd keep in mind Gods judgment, which is his word, that way we can serve him and please him.

    In due time I hear the Lord saying, judgment will be executed, many are unwilling to repent and make a game out of him, they think the Lord contradicts himself.

    Be warned we shall witness it at the end of the year what I am saying, for the Lord himself has spoken this message to me through his word.

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