Temperance – A Fruit of the Spirit

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I posted a note on this subject a couple or more years back [on Facebook], and it came under the most intense fire that one could ever imagine.  Some comments were so caustic, that I deleted the entire post and shook with dread.  I don’t know how those who call themselves filled with the Spirit, feel they can attack others who do not totally agree with them.  This particular word listed here, is a fruit of the Spirit.  We shouldn’t even have to study, to understand what it actually means.  It speaks well, for itself.

Some modern versions, interpret this word as “self-control.”  That may well be, because to argue and rail out at people over our beliefs, is a lack of it, for sure.  Coming on too strong and attempting to intimidate people, is not a fruit of the Spirit; it’s a work of the flesh.  Isn’t it true, that we can be very passionate about what we feel is right, without being offensive or rude.  I think the terms conservative and liberal, should be left in politics.  If we use these words to describe brothers and sisters in Christ, it’s likely division.

Moderation, is a biblical term.  The word “temperance,” means restraint or moderation; moderation and self-restraint, as in behavior or expression.  It also means to be less extreme, intense or violent.  We’ve attacked people.  We’ve most definitely even attacked one another.  This idea of actually being fanatical for Jesus, can be misleading, if taken in the wrong context.  If we want to be fanatical about Him, then that should mean that we are set to be more like Him than ever before.  He did not like self-righteousness.

The world’s already been bruised up; so have many good folk who have had to set under harsh task masters who may have forgotten temperance.  A good man asked on here once, where is the balance, in the church.  It seems to some, that we have somehow gotten way overboard on some things, and way off balance with other things.  Too much sugar is not good for us; and no sugar at all, makes a very unsavory diet.  We might recall, a time when the water was too bitter for God’s people; it was sweetened.

Trying to be like the apostles, does not trump what Jesus Christ said.  By this, will men know that ye are my disciples.  We simply cannot be well balanced, if we are too far to one side.  Our personal political views, should not dictate how we treat one another.  Politics, whether in the church or out, will cease.  Charity, will not.  Lord give us strength in this hour, to temper the things we say with love and grace.  We can only judge, from the level we are on. Self-restraint and balance, is part of being in the Holy Spirit today.

For the Palace is not for man, but for the Lord God

There are some things we need to understand about the house of the Lord.  It does not belong to us.  Whatever we gave to help build it, was from the increase that our heavenly Father has blessed us with.  We came here with nothing, and we will also leave here with nothing.  If God has made us an overseer of his place, then that is what we are; an overseer.  We don’t own it; it’s not ours.

This passage is from the Chronicles where David wanted to build the house of the Lord.  He actually was not allowed to do it and we can read why.  It was his son Solomon that was chosen for it; yet, he was young and his father was anxious to help every way he could.  But let’s not forget, that the Lord’s house, was to be built the way He wanted it built.  It was for His glory and honor, and what went on there, was to be done per His very own instructions.  Otherwise, all of those sacrifices would have been in vain.

Our talent does not belong to us.  Just as all good things come from God, so it is with this also.  We may inherit certain traits from those before us, but all of it, was given to honor and glorify God.  Wherever the Lord’s house may be for each of us, we are not free to do as we please.  If it is truly His place of worship, then we absolutely must seek Him about everything we do and say there.  If God is truly in charge there, then He has the option to interrupt our program at any time; to do whatever He wants to do.  Always.

When we stop leaning on the Holy Ghost for direction, and depend more on our program, what we get is, more program.  It’s interesting to see how some have created such a goings on; with lights, heavy music, sound that can vibrate an entire mountain and several people singing on microphones all at once.  Not to mention, video screens and props that move and glitter . It’s quite a stage performance, really.  But there is one thing some folk seem to have forgotten.  We will never out-stage the Holy Ghost; not once.

This might sound curt to some, but what happens when the electricity goes off.  The latest reports, suggest that people are more and more, starting to abandon this type of activity.  It seems that those with true depth, do not find anything to take home with them, when they leave the building.  Progress is wonderful, as long as it helps take us toward the Holy Ghost, not away from it.

As in the days of old here, hungry people want to be where the true Spirit of the Lord is; even if it be of humble assembly.  If we are called to make a choice, then, touching Jesus, is all that really matters.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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