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Oh Hear the Word of the LORD! — 3 Comments

  1. The Holy Spirit, is the True Guidance of leading his Chosen and Called out ones to where they need to be in this hour and season.

    The Holy Spirit is God’s Divine Power, which will Resurrect the dead in Jesus Christ and all True Believers at the Appointed time of the catching away to be caught up with the Lord. The Holy Ghost Power will enlighten the minds of God’s people, for those who are praying, diligently seeking him, fasting and meditating on him and his word.

  2. You do not need discernment to realize that a true believer does not associate with company that has no interest in sharing the Word of God and has no love for God and is not even serious about having anything to do with God. There is nothing in common with that type relationship; plus the true believer if he has a close relationship with the Father, it would only take common sense to stay away from that individual and even group gatherings that think like this. What is the point? If the Believer is not mature and lacks knowledge, then he or she can possibly follow the influence of others and possibly be led astray. We must be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove.

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