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Out of Deep Darkness, a Radiant Light Will Shine! — 9 Comments

  1. Oh, dear sister. I had a dream many years ago, which will not be fully elaborated upon, but it too revealed boards underneath a structure. This has perplexed me for a long time until now. I am so moved by our Father’s Spirit when I read the words of prophecy you so Fearfully and Holily bring forth and share. My thanks and our love to you. May God give you a special treasure.

  2. This is an awesome,awesome word from God. Thank you for watching, praying and being the vessel He has chosen to share it.  Blessings to you and your family

  3. This is such a wonderful confirmation! It’s been 18 years since the battle started over my Destiny. In the last 48 hours. some words from the Lord ” Mystery unfolding, the whole drama going down in history.
    Blooming blooming.”  God bless you sister Veronika.

  4. Oh wow!!! Soo Good and what perfect timing.
    As a house painter (mostly interior) I love to watch home improvement shows.
    The Lord has literally brought to me one that’s simply called “Restored”. Instead of modifying homes to be pleasing to the eye, this man takes them back to their original design, (and they turn out far more beautiful than they were:D)!!
    He does this with the most incredible patience as he strips off years of painted woodwork and false flooring not true to the original design and character of the architects intent.
    He brings Light into every single life he touches, from his staff…to the homeowners…to the simple passer-by’s!!!
    He hugs everyone!! :D:D
    There are sunflowers at the end of every episode somewhere in the home, which is Key to me. Plus the show is exactly “40” minutes long…:D
    The Lord is the Architect of Creation, and sometimes it hurts when the layers of oldpaint and flooring need to be removed. Or when walls were erected that are blocking the original outdoor porch and garden He originally intended there, blocking His Light and Life.
    But His Hand is TRULY on the handle of every tool. And very soon it’ll be time for paint. And the dry Grey dross will become the Raidient Colors of the Kingdom, in us and through us, to Reveal the beauty He Himself, as The Author, is bringing to Completion…every intricate detail!!
    God bless you Veronika, and thank you for sharing beautiful lady!!

  5. Oh, this speaks to me in so many ways!A promise from 20 years ago I have been trusting for because I know God showed me over and over that it will happen.  In the natural it looks impossible but I know it’s real.
    Also all of a sudden I’m involved in in my States republican party.  I was voted in as a delegate and not even really knowing what that was. And seeing how many Christians are now, this year, getting involved and getting together to pray to place Christians into office. This word is so encouraging.I can’t even express all that’s in my heart!

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