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  1. Oh let you will let me be light in dark corners of the world. Empower me to go forth and preach the gospel of Jesus in my world in Jesus name

  2. It IS so, dear sister. Yesterday I attended a huge Summer meeting of medical staff, brave people in the official “resistance movement” against the killing of humanity through forced syringes. GOD has not created us to be under permanent sorcery/pharmacy. Everything is allowed, but nothing shall drive us into any dependencies. This is not against the rulers and leaders. I spoke to some people about the missing LOVE among people. With their mouths many practice “love”, but a few hours later that “love” often turns into the opposite. Hate and unforgiveness is increasing in every group and individuals, and foretold by GOD that love runs cold in the last days. Yes, I am a voice in the wilderness. Everywhere I go I confess the truth of the Holy Scriptures. I lost some “friends”, got blocked, but found new friends

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