Over The Wall


For thirty years now, I’ve heard them talking about taking what we had within the four walls, and taking it to the streets; the highways and bi-ways.  It did not seem to happen with any great note.  What did go through the wall, were the misfits, the undesirables, the failed, the wounded and the broken hearted; those disappointed and disillusioned.

Also, most of the prophets, most of the other three offices, many of the gifts of the Spirit, many highly anointed and gifted; called, chosen and many ordained.  Some from their mother’s womb; many from before the very foundation of the world.  It took one man on here, to help me begin to understand, that this was God’s plan, all along.  We sometimes think God’s vision and plan, is limited to what we see; as if He did not know that things would go the way they have; that there must be an alternate direction.

Just as Ezekiel and Jeremiah spoke it, the Gentle Shepherd, began to search for His lost sheep.  He searched through hill and dale, up on the mountain, and in to the lowest valley; even in the lowest places.  And He began to gather that which was driven out.  Beyond the idea of many, He walked with these, every step of the way; no matter where they went.  He always kept His word; and He never left, even a single one; not even one.

These, know how to love; they’ve known what it’s like to live without love.  They know how to weep for others; because so few, wept over them.  And they know how to forgive; they had much to be forgiven for.  They know a love for God, they never even thought possible before.  These, have gone through hell, disaster, hard trials, much tribulation and great distress.  Even sometimes of their own fault and doing, they have learned much from it all.

This Shepherd, called upon the Holy Spirit of God, to continue to teach these the things they needed to know; in every place they were.  In a short space of time, the Spirit, has begun to gather these together.  They have begun to minister, wherever they can.  What we have now, is a mighty army, that is one of the most highly equipped ever to step to the front.  All, for such a time as this.  They will be used mightily by God in this hour.

God has always looked on the heart.  Listen.  Arise; do the work, you were called to do.  Stir up your gifts.  Let the Body of Christ heal; then let it heal others.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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