Prophetic Warning: Attacks are Coming

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Men in Ministry and Kingdom Order

I have such a strong support system of Men in Ministry stand with me in what I’m called to do.  I seek those whom I trust as true kingdom leaders for advice counseling and support.

They have truly been there for me and they do fight for me in the spirit with prayer.  The problem with the competition between men and women can be solved by one word -ORDER!

I saw a post by Apostle Wil Hamilton this morning [on Facebook] and regardless of what we say, we have allowed this disorder to come about because the Men have taken on the Ahab spirit thereby producing Jezebel’s spirit into the home church and society.

The only way this will be corrected is when Men that stand in correct Kingdom order, begin to teach those that are out of order, to take their place according to the Word of God.  The women who understand order, according to God’s delegated word, have to now teach and restructure the minds of the women, to understand that the Kingdom order of God, is not degrading but elevation.

The problem among the genders originated from those who begin to reshape the Kingdom order which starts in the home first, and upset the balance of things, when role reversal began to take over and men began to depend on women, to take care of them.

As I research this dilemma that now has gotten out of control, it began when people started being unhappy with who they are and wanting to be like their opposite gender.

Why do you think homosexuality and lesbianism is so prevalent now?  Because we have disrupted the Kingdom order of God concerning male and female responsibility and roles thereby causing an identity crisis among the sexes.

We fight about women in a church position, when the problem is deeper and more intense than that.  It’s about our Godly nature being corrupted and misrepresented and our identity distorted, to cause not just a problem among the genders, but to upset and destroy the balance and production of all things in the universe.

When the order of God’s creation changed, everything changed and got thrown off course.  The second man relinquish his position of authority, by allowing the woman to lead him into disobedience, everything went off course.  Until he stands again in his place of rulership (Notice I didn’t say dictatorship,) we will continue to be off balance in the earth.

We worry about men and women in the church when the real problem is leadership, headship, and kingdom order.  It starts in the home first!

Prophetic Warning: Attacks are Coming

This week has brought forth the transitional anointing to put you exactly where you need to be. for the promises to begin to come forth.

Much is taking place right now.  The angels are busy.  Their assignment is to cause it to manifest now!!

This is also the week of knowing when the Spirit of The Lord will reveal all that has been conceal that may harm you.  Don’t be shocked about the betrayal the talk or who God reveals that is against you.

Those secretive motives of people will come forth in this hour, but remember, nothing shall hurt you.

Unexpected checks this week.  Supernatural intervention on court cases this week.  Some will experience visitations from The Lord that will bring empowerment that will increase the anointing upon their lives and open doors for them to be used in unexpected places.

This is also the hour of God revealing more of what shall come upon the earth.  Take heed to the warnings and signs.

I keep hearing sudden destruction, much more violence will break out.  Pray before you enter a building, before you board a plane, before you drive a car, pray.

Pray much for our children, all of them.

People, know there a great terrorist attack coming..  I keep hearing inside job. inside job!!

Be spiritually alert.  Take nothing for granted in this hour.

Also watch your surroundings.  There will be a increase in robberies, especially purse snatching.  People are desperate!

Praying against mental breakdowns, mental problems, that are causing acts of murderous violence.   The Spirit of The Lord keeps saying acts of insanity brought on by rage anger pressure.

There are sounds that are triggering these reactions, that’s why The Lord keeps telling me to listen to the sounds being loosed in the atmosphere.

People, the diabolical plots of satan are being uncovered.  He keeps telling me things are not by accident, they are being setup.

You have to be precise in your warfare against the enemy.  You must pray, so God can reveal what you need to pray against, how you need to pray, and what strategies you will need.

The battle is real.  The army of God, the warriors, the soldiers, need to be truly armed.

The Lord keeps saying guerrilla warriors, a elite squad of intercessors and prayer warriors crying out day and night on behalf of mankind.  Their only mission is to pray and listen for the instructions and directions of God and to relay them to the people.

They will see things to come they will know the attacks and they will pray that the eyes of our understanding is open and we take heed to what The Lord is speaking to His people in this hour.

Take heed to what the Spirit of YAH is saying in this hour.  You don’t want to be in the dark about the enemy nor his plans!

Pay attention to the words of the government, the prices in all things the laws being passed!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


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  1. Hi Apostle,
    I have been seeing the terrorist attacks in the news and how different Nations are responding (Jordan, Egypt). Are these the terrorist attacks you spoke of in this Word? If not, are we looking for attacks here in the USA?
    Also, totally off the subject, what is your take on the announcement made by Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu about the Jewish people returning to Israel? Is this not a Clarion call from God?
    Thank you and God Bless you for the time you spend , on the watchtower.