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The Passover Prayer for Deliverance — 4 Comments

  1. I have been praying this prayer for the last 6 days and I must admit I feel blessed and renewed each time I have read it!! I thank God that my sister shared it with those in the family who she knew would embrace it and trust it to be a atonement and that would lead us all back to our Heritage!! May God continue to use you as His vessel.

    Lisa Flowers-Bellamy
    Ambassador for Christ

    • I believe that this pray is very important for us to understand that we are loved our lord father in heaven wants us to live in his love the way it should be for all that believe in his and the fathers will thank you cha for sending this to me i love you

  2. This is a beautiful prayer that my family has adopted into our Dailey morning devotion and family prayer every Saturday with my beautiful mother of 85 years and my siblings, children, and grand children. We have been Blessed by this prayer. Thank you for sharing and may God forever Bless you and keep you surrounded by His Angels.

  3. What are generational curses? How do they happen? This prayer seem so powerful and anointed to remove it.Sometime I lack so much that I’m growing tired of asking.Thank God I came upon this prayer.I don’t think I can copy it though.

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