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Perfect Harmony, Order, Timing, Purpose — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks allot… I’ve had such a hard life… and I’m sure we’ve all hard lives, this has really help me… thank you…

  2. Another over and OVER and OVER positive empowered messages directed from GOD. To help us inform us strengthen us, open our minds, frustrations, circumstances and disappointments during this difficult, ever endless Covid 19 battle.
    Until true repentance echoes from the hearts and mind of the unsaved, compromised and lukewarm. This pandemic isn’t goin anyway.⏰⏰⏰☝☝☝

  3. Hoorayyyyyyyyy…yes my Lord. I thank you for your true and timely words. So encouraging and uplifting. Wonderful words of life. Thank you mighty anointed woman of God. Shalom.

  4. GRAND WORD❣️ Thank you Lord & Pastor June for such a NOW Relevant & Refreshing Word that I personally need this morning & for this New Month & New Season. This is also a Word in Due season for the Body of Christ as we trust, rest and obey our Lord Lord & Savior. Thank You Holy Spirit for Keeping me & Help me To lean on You even the more-as I Break Through into My NEW Beginning!  Oh LORD I Love You!- You are my Everything❣️

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