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Perfect Peace is My Gift to You! — 2 Comments

  1. Was listening to a Catholic station today the minister was preaching about being filled with the Holy Spirit the presence and peace you felt was great!
    Many times ministries lose that anointing. Help us keep the anointing. No more be elusive.
    Help us keep our focus more and more, powerful and great!
    “When thine eye is single thine whole body is full of of light.”Jesus said.
    “….to see thy power and thy glory” David wrote!
    Sad, i just heard that Chuck Youngbrandt passed away.  He walked with God in a powerful way.  He saw angels many time.  He encountered Jesus many times and as scriptures says, his words were ignored.
    He learned to pray and wage war against all the demonic forces and saw Gods power and felt Gods peace and helped turn back many judgments.  We could of gone into WW3 years ago!
    Remember those who have walked with God before us (like Enoch! hah ) for they’ve learned to step out of this realm and learned to speak wondrous things!.
    God is so great and hes great in us, no wonder the devil tries so hard to hinder and oppose on every side.  But he can never touch God because God is the greatest! and great within us!

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