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Pestilence = Economic Collapse = Famine = War — 4 Comments

  1. I do believe what we are seeing is what God has shown you.  This will bring economic collapse, the EU which is the Babylon system referred to in Revelations, will also bring an end to the system set up by Constantine which affects the church. What we are seeing is old testament and new testament prophesy coming into play, but God is expanding that prophesy for us to understand how it is connected to old and new testament prophesy.

  2. I heard we are in the eye of the storm;

    Also, I think once trump took office and assuming he will be
    Re-elected, we have a period of time like the roaring 20’s and then the economic situation will change for the country.  I feel sadness

  3. Always doom and gloom and contrary to what veronika west says like most prophetic voices on this website that you post , they speak life and light and truth with a hope and a future in with rhamer scriptures…. please take Godly council Amen

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