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  1. Hi, Angela,

    I alwys love your teaching and sharing about this objcet as it „burns on my heart“ since „d e c a d e s…“
    We faithfully followed the Lord, paid quite a prize, experienced his faithfullness trough fiery trials and tests since more than 40 years, seeking, fasting, praying to break through the veil – but did not experience it so far!!

    „To arise, we allow our spirit permission to pierce the veil within the holy of Holies where God dwells„

    It has not been that way for us, friends, to see this happen inspite of seeking and serving HIM! (We live in Germany).
    Regularly I open my Bible at passages and books which is later confirmed by a prophetic word.
    It has been so today again.
    Literally passages you mentioned are reapeated here in Haggai 1, 13-14 and chapter 2, 5-9!

    Though I receive inner words from HIM, I have not seen HIM yet but feel this separating veil that hinders the breakthrough as much as I try, search myself. Besides I suffer from much chronic pain since decades constantly…

    This kind of waiting is very very demanding as a believer, witness since 63 years!

    • Dorothea, please feel free to contact me directly. After praying for you several times now I feel you may be held captive either by your region or by something within your lineage. My Email aylablue@yahoo.com sending Kingdom hugs Angela

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