Prayer for South Africa



I pray tonight that you raise up the Moses’ in South Africa!

You showed me this is what they need to combat, the barrenness that has come upon them.

It is you who withholds the rain.  It is You LORD who brings good or bad upon the nations, for ultimately you hold the world in your hands.

Father, we pray for your mercy on the people of South Africa.

Raise up LORD your Gideons, raise up your Elijahs, your Elishas, your Deborahs, and all Your mighty men and women and fill all the Christians there with the Spirit of Might to pray and worship down the spirits of witchcraft, divination, sorcery, perversion, hoodoo, voodoo and every root of idolatry on the land!

Help them and empower them to worship with abandonment, until heaven comes down, in the Name and the Blood of Jesus.

Father, break every curse, break every generational spirit that has come down through the generations, off of your people and off of the land.

Set the enemy to flight.  Destroy the works of darkness over the land.

Father, Daniel prayed that when Your People cry out, because the barrenness in the land LORD, or any other evil thing, that You would turn and heal the land.

So Father, we pray that you would answer the prayers that they cried out en masse, as they gathered together to pray for South Africa, and that you would now bring the rain – the former and the latter rain!

Bring down every kingdom not of You!  Change the hearts of wicked rulers and reveal Yourself to them, Abba!

In the Name and the Blood of Jesus, let your Kingdom come LORD!  And bring down every false authority in their land, in the Name and the Blood of Jesus!


~ Priscilla

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Prayer for South Africa — 3 Comments

  1. Thanx so much PRISCILLA for your prayer for S.Africa. May Father Elohim have great mercy on us…as dr Owuor saw an Earthquake and a Tsunami come to us and one of our prophets (I do not know about a lot of prophets here, it has been coming back lately only..?) Vicky, saw a huge wave to the south western coastlines especially….how will we cope with it?? We are not used to hearing such things…and it does not seem like many people even want to consider it…! Or that believers in this country also have to repent… I do not understand it….or that it seems that there’s so little spiritual discernment and leadership from pastors about the Urgent Nature for S.Africa concerning the end time Season…!

  2. Amen. May God bless the beautiful country of South Africa and its people, may there be showers of blessing, restoration and healing, in Jesus Name.