Prayer for Spiritual Leaders in Your City & Country


Prayers that Bring ChangenPrayers that Bring ChangePrayers that Bring ChangePrayers That Bring Change: Power-filled prayers that give hope, heal relationships, bring financial freedom and more!
Prayer for the Spiritual Leaders in Your City & Country: (a modified extract from Apostle Kimberly Daniels‘ book called “Prayers That Bring Change: Power-filled prayers that give hope, heal relationships, bring financial freedom and more!” )


Heavenly Father, I bless our spiritual and natural leaders in our city.

You said that beautiful are the feet of those who carry the good news.  I stand in the gap against every scandal, misrepresentation, shortcoming, blemish, and reproach that has come upon our city because of fallen leaders.  Traditionally, historically, and biblically it has always been noted that men and women of God have fallen.  God, I thank You, for You are a long-suffering and merciful God. You forgive seventy times seven.  I specifically stand in the gap for leaders who take Your mercy for granted and continue to cause blood to be on Your altar.  I pray for leaders who continue to operate in sin despite Your warnings of love to them. I pray for the spiritual leaders in my nation and around the world.

(Pray according to what happened in the lives of the leaders listed below)

Hezekiah — Father, give us leaders who will tear down the high places of ______ and ______.  Let them not show the enemy the secrets of our treasures.

David — Father, give us leaders after Your own heart.  I thank You for leaders who will walk in godly sorrow when they sin.  I thank You for leaders who will rebuild Your tabernacle of worship and praise and bring the ark back into the house of the Lord.

Solomon — Father, I thank You for leaders with wisdom, Give us eldership that will prosper and understand the true essence of life.  God, deliver the leaders whom You have anointed and given great wisdom and authority, yet they turn to the idolatry and perversion of heathens.

Saul — God, I thank You for leaders who will obey You at any cost.  I speak over their lives that obedience is better than sacrifice. Bless the leaders whom You did not will but permitted as the people’s choice.  Let them lead in a way that is pleasing to You so that the sceptre of the authority of their rule will not be taken from their hands (by You).

Jehoshaphat — Jesus, I praise You ahead of time for leaders who will walk in repentance.  As Your people follow, give us leaders who will take us to the Ascent of Ziz to stand and see Your salvation.

Elijah — Father, give us leaders who will not compromise.  Send leaders who will trouble (bring discernment in gray times) Israel and stand on the Mount Carmels of today to declare Your unadulterated truth.  God, anoint these leaders to endure.  Give us prophets who will not call down fire from heaven then run from persecution and hide out in caves.

Elisha — God, give us leaders who will carry the anointing of the double portion.  Send scarry out their marketplace assignments and still destroy the enemy while doing it.  Help and protect these leaders from the Eglons (king of Moab who oppressed the children of Israel for 18 years before he was killed by the judge Ehud) of today.  Raise up left-handed men who are not stuck in the paradigms of how things have always been done.  Give us leaders who will expose false prosperity and cause the dirt to come out of the church.

Ahab — God, give us leaders who will not sell out to the Baals of today because of the economy. Ahab’s father gave him to Jezebel in marriage.  I bind the spirit of Omri that would sell the soul of the children into ungodly covenants.  God, I thank You for generational covenant where the fathers will serve You wholeheartedly and pass the mantle to their children.

Deborah — God, I thank You for the spirit of Deborah in the land.  I command the women of position and authority to be released in their destinies.  May they rule, judge, and conquer wars for the kingdom in Jesus’s name.

Jael — Lord, thank You for the women who will fulfill the call of God on their lives without ever leaving their homes.  I thank You for single mothers and housewives who will be gatekeepers for the kingdom.  The enemies that slip through the armies of the Lord will be destroyed in our homes.  The Siseras of today will be destroyed by the anointing of the women with tent pegs and hammers in their hands.

Jehu — Father, raise up the Jehus in the body of Christ. Send the messengers to anoint the Jehus of today to deal with the idolatry in the church.  Let this anointing release generations who will not tolerate the witchcraft of Jezebel. Let the Baals of the land be destroyed by the spirit of Jehu as he cuts off the head (demonic leadership), the hands (works of darkness and evil), and the feet (curses that have been carried from one generation to the next) of witchcraft in our churches and nation.

In Jesus’s Name I pray, Amen.

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