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Prayers Against Anxiety and Worry — 3 Comments

  1. Amen!!
    I must say, this is an extremely time appropriate Word, as it seems the enemy has unleashed the spirit of intimidation, and anxiety in every form, and in great measure. For those of us who’ve been abused and abandoned, but who are awaiting the One in Whom failure does not exist to release His Word and set us Free, we have been especially targeted…PRAISE GOD!! Because this can only mean that the time is now at hand for the Power of God to be made manifest through His Righteous Remnant!! Hold tight to Him, He WILL NOT FAIL US!!!
    God bless you Priscilla!!

  2. Excellent this is the Lord speaking volumes 2 us all. Thank you my sister in Christ..I was in prayer with him and he spoke along the same lines..confirming As he always does his word!Thank U for ur labors of love..and being on your post/tower! Even from ur own life’s experiences; I hold dear 2. Keep repping the Kingdom of God, of Heaven, of Our King..and being about his business

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