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Prayers Against the Spirit of Destruction — 4 Comments

  1. Asking for prayer for my niece. Praying that God return her son home with his family. He’s 10 years old and his father has taken him from his mother and his siblings. Asking you all to keep them in your prayers. Thank you all so much.

  2. praying for you, my brother. May you and your family be filled by the Holy Spirit and may His peace envelop you and your family. I declared in the powerful name of Jesus Christ that you are freed from that spirit of insomnia and that all demonic warfare ceases to exist in your household. I declare that you are free from all attack of the enemy in Jesus’ name!

  3. Please intercede for me , I suffer from insomnia , sleep disorders since I was very very young … I went to a sleep study and I have insomnia , about 10 years ago I decide to study a bit about much of sleep , as I got deeper into a few spiritual warfare books and other resources…it came to this one Spirit of the Valley , death and destruction… It actually comes thru my parents who are narcissistic and abusive with me !!! I’ve had enough with many Churches and their protocols about forgiveness !! It’s an active demonic warfare that it’s beyond my strengths…I stopped the spiritual warfare after much studying about it and that it got worse after I learn one shouldn’t fight no demonic spirit at all !!! It’s a thing that unfortunately requires much fasting and prayer and the right ministry…. One night about back on 2012 my mother prayed for me and used a weird speaking in toungues , and it left for 2 days … I saw it in my dreams as it came over my moms Valley where she lives …. I saw all thiis in my dreams !!!! But to later realize how my mom doesn’t live the Annointing life and her house is fueled with demonic spirits in her life … sorry to tell you this but it never got better I’m sick now since I’ve landed in my moms house and I’ve gotten worse …

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