Prayers to Overcome Jezebel

The following is a slightly adapted extract is from the book by Sandie Freed, “Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord – How to Discern and Defeat the Lies of Jezebel, Athaliah and Delilah.”


“The sevenfold pattern of Christ’s instructions to the church of Thyatira provided divine direction in prayer to overcome Jezebel:

  • First, thank God that He is who He says He is (how He describes Himself).
  • Thank Him for the good that He notices concerning the situation.
  • Pray a prayer of repentance concerning the areas He rebukes.
  • Thank Him for the reward and ask Him to strengthen you to overcome the enemy.

Below is a simple guideline that follows Christ’s prayer directive concerning Jezebel.  Keep in mind that as you pray, you are dethroning the power of Satan through repentance.  Remember that every idol (false believe system, “bent” attitude, idolatry) must be torn down so that the enemy is dethroned.   If you have prayed to dethrone the spirits that operate with Jezebel’s false gods, especially Baal and Ashtoreth, then Athaliah will have no legal right to remain either.

Finally, praise the Lord for who He is and rebuild an alter to Him, thus establishing His truth.  When you pray, remain focussed, but please do not become too legalistic and get stuck in a “set form” of prayer.  Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in directing your prayers.


Part One of Prayer:

Addressing His Divine Attributes (See Revelation 2:18)

Lord Jesus, I thank You that You are the Son of God, the One who has eyes like flames of fire and feet of brass.  I praise You because your eyes see all things.  You are able to see the beginning and the end, and You are the Alpha and the Omega.

Lord, You are able to see my future, and I ask that You guide me through this battle opposing the seducing spirits of Jezebel and Athaliah.

I ask for your supernatural impartation of spiritual discernment and an ability to see how to go into battle.

Since You see all things hidden, I ask You to reveal what is hidden so that I can do warfare with confidence.

I ask You to burn away all iniquity within my life so I can be a pure vessel.

As I confront the Jezebel influence, I pray that Your fire would purge and cleanse all my thoughts, deeds and motives.

I thank You for igniting my faith with a Holy Spirit fire.

I position myself at the feet of Christ, fully submitting my life, my finances, my family and  [ name other areas of your heart ] to You.

I repent of my selfish ambitions, self-gratification and self-justification and my desire to please man more than You.

I repent also of all idolatry, lusts of the flesh and areas of rebellion.

Today I am determined to be a God-pleaser, and I pray that Your Holy spirit will lean me into the truth.


Part Two of Prayer:

Affirming His commendations (see Revelation 2:19)

Though You have said I have a measure of faith and love, I ask that You increase my faith and empower me to walk in love.

Conform me to Your image so I can reflect Jesus Christ, the Anointed One, on this earth.

I desire to continue my commitment and service to You, Lord.

As I continue to run the race, empower me to endure all things that may challenge my faith so I can be a testimony to Your glory.


Part Three of Prayer:

Repenting for Sins that He Condemns (see Revelation 2:20-24)

I repent of partaking of any form of idolatry, agreeing with the lies of Satan and  [ name any other areas on your heart ].

I ask You to save me from all tribulation, deliver me from the spirit of infirmity, death and any death structure that the enemy attempts to erect around my family, business or ministry.

I rebuke every spirit of Athaliah that kills the godly seed, seduces and defiles.

I loose the power of the Most High God, the Alpha and Omega, into every situation that concerns me.  [ As the Holy Spirit directs, allow Him to take you through any area of repentance that is necessary; take time on this section. ]


Part Four of Prayer:

His Exhortation  (See Revelation 2:24-25)

 Now Lord, I ask You empower me to hold fast to what I have.

I believe that Your divine strength will sustain me and that You will give Your angels charge over me.

The angels will not allow me to stumble or fall, and You will continue to watch over me.


Part Five of Prayer:

Confessing Your Reward for Overcoming Jezebel and Athaliah  (See Revelation 2:26-29)

I thank You, Lord, that I will overcome and will receive power to rule over the nations.

With your sceptre of iron, I will crush the enemy and all plans of destruction.

I will overpower every Jezebel assignment that comes against me, my family or my ministry
 [ you may need to name individuals, churches, ministries, etc. ].

As You promised, I declare that the enemy’s plans are crushed like pottery into tiny pieces.

I declare that I am an overcomer and that I am empowered to defeat the enemy.

I am thankful for Jesus, my Morning Star, who shines brightly into my future and empowers me with great faith and hope.  I decree that my ears hear what the Spirit of the Lord says to me.

In Jesus mighty name, Amen!”

image iconimage icon The above prayers are from the book by Ms. Sandie Freed entitled “Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord: How to Discern and Defeat the Lies of Jezebel, Athaliah and Delilahimage icon

If you recognise that spirits of Jezebel, Athaliah or Delilah are holding you in bondage, we recommend that purchasing a copy of the book to fully understand how to use the prayers. There are six sets of prayers from Ms. Sandie Freed’s book which we posted here at His Kingdom Prophecy:

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