Praying In The Holy Ghost


We are likely not going to impact someone else or help them, if we are not willing to share some part of our journey.  In many places we came from, or perhaps if we are still there, we may have focused too much on certain issues.

We will stand before that open book, and be judged for the way we have argued among ourselves in the past, and how we oppressed others even now.  It may not have been obvious to many, that we seemed to talk more about the apostles, than about Jesus Christ.

For God so loved the world.  That started before anything else.  If there is one message that was preached continuously by Christ and His apostles, is was that we were to help one another.

Yes, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the foundation for what God the Father came to do here.  It was all done to draw us closer to God.  It seems foolish to repeat, that our LORD and all of his holy apostles, said that if we did not love, we were simply nothing.

There’s a lot of people out here that are struggling.  They are real people, good people that have been through. In spite of rejection by their friends, family and church, and being thrown to the wolves to be swallowed up and devoured, they prevailed.

Some of us need to get off some of our high horses.  It was never intended, that a child of God who was doing their very best to follow the LORD, should be all alone with no one to share their valleys with. This retort, this excuse we hear so often that you can’t trust anyone, means us too.

A voice spoke to me yesterday, and said, “you are going to have to build yourself up.”  First of all, what am I supposed to build up?  Why, it’s my most holy faith. It’s that very thing that has kept me going in these past months and years. We once talked a lot about faith.

And in the these days and those coming, we are going to need more of it than ever before. It comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  Does God not speak to men today?  Is His voice not also alive today.  The Spirit yet expresses Himself, through those certain gifts.

Since too many people are not getting the food they need, in too many places, there is something everyone needs to understand.  If you don’t know how to pray in the Spirit, He will teach you how.  If we have the baptism of the Holy Ghost, all we have to do is get down on our face before the LORD, and have a talk with Him.

It’s not that difficult.  Since the Holy Ghost spoke through you when He filled you, He can speak through you anytime you yield to Him.  If we don’t have our own special prayer language, it’s time we got one.

The Spirit asks, that everyone go and read the Book of Jude.  This, is what’s all around us.  He was not just talking about Sodom and Gomorrah.  Jude was warning the church.  “Certain men crept in unawares.”

They speak evil of things they don’t even know anything about; even appearing as angels of light.  Brute beasts.  You see, we are facing times, when we don’t even know what to pray for.  We are often too busy, pointing at others we don’t believe in, rather than us praying in the Holy Ghost.  Our life and salvation, are on the line.

We are not going to make it without praying in the Holy Ghost.  Too many told us that we were already going to be out of here by now.  We’re not.  There is a sign that is upon us; if anyone cannot see it now, they are not looking.  Hell is about to open up around us, and we are being entertained?  In the house of the LORD?  And we are asleep in Zion.

Ask yourself – when is the last time some of us have prayed in the Spirit?

How often do we do that?

It’s going to be a true hiding place for those who seek Him.  A place, enemies cannot go.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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