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Precious and Priceless Plan For Your Life — 4 Comments

  1. Lord I long to link up with you tgst you may fulfill your purpose through my life. Help me to lay down every concern and burden that I may take up your yoke that’s light

  2. I guess Ill just stand back and watch God be God. Your Ways are Higher than our ways. I pray you are right! Im tired of disaster on top of troubles. You said Double for my troubles. Well lets give you a chance then to work. Im tired of seeing no way out. Im tired of frantically trying to fix all 5 problems happend at once kinda challenges. Im tired of searching for solutions. I need a Dad God to show me his Wonderful surprises prepaid, prepared, presented Blessings for His Childrend to come forth NOW in Jesus Mighty Name and I declare his presious blood makes it so.I ask Angels to press back the attack of the devil. I receive this word with Joy. I repent for my own limited thinking Jesus please show me your surprises and nice kind thoughts towards me.

  3. Hello, I just finished reading this awesome article and it was like a cool, refreshing drink of water. So encouraging! Please keep on giving us what the Lord gives to you for this hour. Hallelujah !!!

  4. THANKSGIVING FATHERS FOR YOUR PROVIDED BRIGHT LITES WITH THROUGHT GRACE FROM YOUR KINGDOM THRONE, and through Your Assigned SAINT VESSEL in Earth; AMÉN; AMÉN; AMÉN, with infinite unknown PRAISES of “Gratitude’s” from my entire SOUL with Top FAITH REALMS to HEAVEN’S, SELAH & SHALOM for Such Prize to my entire SPIRIT FAITH YOU.! Honoring Your Precious GIFTS. AMÉN..!


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    MK 14.31-36

    PS 127

    GL 4

    2 CO 6.1-18

    EPH 1.1-10

    JR 29.11

    PR 22

    PS 23

    PS 119

    NU 6

    RV 11


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