Prepare to Enter the New Year 5779

The Hebrew Year of 5779 starts on the 1st of Tishrei, 5779  =  Monday, September 10, 2018.


Shalom all!

God’s Message as I read the Bible and pray in spirit:

“My son, next year (5779) will be a miraculous year for my People.

They must be ready for that year, for in that year I will fulfill what I started in them and I will fulfill what I promised them.

But they have to prepare themselves for that year, because there is something they have to “do” before they enter that extraordinary year.”

From that message, I get a revelation of one word for TETH (9), in Hebrew its meaning is CYCLE.

“In 5779, God wants to make us enter His new cycle.”

He wants us to go into the new dimension of his reality and his supernatural power
and then we will have a new journey from Glory to Glory, from Faith to Faith.

We will never go into the new dimension / new God cycle, if we are not out of our old cycle.

So the next 3 months will be a very important, as this is the last 3 months for us to break the old cycle, so in september when we celebrate the Jewish New Year 5779, we can enter into the new dimension of the Supernatural of God.

But how to break our old cycle in the next 3 months?

And God reveals me about one person in the Bible, that God changed his life, God made him a new human being.

He is Jacob, Jacob means deceiver and Jacob always walks as a loser.

But at one point, he changed from Jacob the deceiver into Israel, the Prince of God.
How can he change from a person full of SIN to the son of Almighty God?

Yes, the answer is because he broke his old cycle and entered the dimension of GOD’S supernatural.

In Genesis 32, there are 5 keys God reveals to us:

🌈 1.   Jacob crossed over   (Genesis 32:22).

In the next 3 months we have to cross over, we have to move out of our comfortable place.

Ask God what “Comfort Zone” we should leave, because our “Comfort Zone” / our habits are doors to our old cycle

🌈 2.  Jacob alone in Jabbok   (Genesis 32: 22).

Read Jacob, take a moment to be alone, alone but not lonely and there is a time we have to be alone, a time that nothing can disturb..there is only you and God

In the next 3 months, you have to take more time just to be with God, we have to close our eyes and ears to see and hear around, because we will obviously just hear what God has to say to us.

Then we have to go to Yabok, meaning = EMPTY, we have to empty ourselves like Christ in Philippians 2, meaning we have to rely on His grace, do not lean on our understanding, do not rely on the power / money / others / whatever.

3 months we have to be very, very surrender to God and let us merely rely on His Hands, His Love and His Mercy.

🌈 3.  Time to wrestle with God   (Genesis 32:24).

In that place Jacob wrestled with God, Jacob did not let God go, before God changed his life.

Such a character that God wants us to have in the next 3 months.

Many people have a longing in their hearts but they are not strong enough to pray and fight until the Lord fulfills their longing.

In the next 3 months we must be stronger, stronger, more determined to seek the Lord and tell Him that we can not let Him go, before He changes our lives.

And we cannot wrestle with God, if we do not have a strong heart.

So now ask HOLY SPIRIT to help us have a strong heart so we can wrestle with God.

🌈 4.  The time to break our old cycle   (Genesis 32: 25).

When God knew he could not win against Jacob, He touched his hip, because God knew that his fortress was his, he always ran away from the situation, fleeing his brother and his uncle so never won the situation,. . .  so God must destroy his hip, so that he can stay in the situation and conquer the situation.

Therefore, in the next three months God will do the same to us. what are the fortresses that are against us to do God’s will, maybe our money, maybe the intelligence / maybe our gift, let God destroy it so that we can win and conquer the situation.

🌈 5.  It’s time to see God face-to-face

After Jacob became Israel he changed the name of the place from Jabok to Peniel (from emptiness to face to face with God).

We now have the key to know that in order to have a more intimate relationships with God then we have to:

  • Empty ourselves,
  • Do not rely on our strengths,
  • Rely on His love.

In the 3 months ahead we have to:

  • Keep our relationship with God, – we’re looking for God more.
  • and take time to get to know Him more so that He will show us His way.

These are the 5 keys that God has given us.

The year 5779 will be a great year.

5779 is the season in which God will double his magnificent miracles and the time we will enter into the new dimension of God’s supernatural power.

Let the Holy Spirit help us day by day in the next 3 months so that we can get out of our old cycle and in september with us can celebrate the day God will show and pour out His power, blessings, and love.

God bless.


~  Prophet Yesaya Gunawan

Prophet Yesaya GunawanProphet Yesaya Gunawan of Revival Firecity Church,  Indonesia.


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Prepare to Enter the New Year 5779 — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve literally been waiting for decades under terrible circumstances.  Year after year there are messages very similar to yours.  The date of any manifestation of anything that would significantly ones personal circumstances in a positive and lasting way is a date that is taped to a carrot that is always pulled back.  Do this, do that, get ready.  Been there, done that.  I can hardly wait to see 5779 start to come to a close so someone else can tell me to get ready.

    • Obviously you didn’t believe the word in the past because here you are sounding disgusted. Pity parties & bad counsel won’t get you far. Ask Job.
      Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.
      Seek and you’ll find, knock and the door will be opened.
      Look for good and do good and your circumstances will change.

      • That’s not always true, if our will differ from Gods, he wil not answer our prayers.  And it’s very difficult if your situation gets worse and worse the closer you draw to God.  Sometimes people need encouragement, or prayer, not a slap in the face.

  2. How ironic… The person who mentions Job, acting like one of Job’s friends!

    My heart goes out to you, Mud!