PREPARE…  Word #7 “The Orchestrating of His Symphony”


Every Day now for the Past Week the Lord has given me a PREPARE.. WARNING WORD.  I have heard that a week of warning words ending in today’s “Warnings To Prepare” in this series of words.  I know other words will come, but this has been an unusual week.  It has been a very prophetic week for me, as I feel God’s URGENCY to publish His Words…

He gave me this Word this Morning:

I have been Orchestrating my Symphony in this land of America, preparing the way for Clarity to come.  See evil men I have allowed to come your way.  You have declared for years how you detest Me in this Land.  Strike that statement, I now will, because I have already proven them.  Watch now as these evil men find all doors to them now hidden.  Watch them scramble for their way, only to run pitifully.  All the World will be able to see just how foolish they have been.  Who is so ignorant and deceived to think this world will work without Me?  I Am the one and only one who makes it rhyme and chime.  Complete it is in my Mighty Hand.  How could you even imagine it working without Me?  By me all things consist and I hold each in the power of my Hand.

Absurdity for sure and vain pride for evil men to consider they have a right to intervene.  REMEMBER BABYLON and their mighty TOWER: again it will happen.  But… this time watch out, Confusion waxes worse than language and customs; Confusion brings total disorder.

You think you are Big, little men, consider this, If you can.  Why and How did life begin and for what are men here?  You can not prove your own theories, any child can clearly see; so why and how, really, did man start and even the Earth exist?  

Men at Babel were like you; they stood most proud upon their thoughts.  But thoughts they only were, without proving facts.  They over rated their worth and now forever they look back and know. Even as those Babel men look back and know, so will you, Evil Men!  But now your way leads to building that defiant and earthly strong tower; watch out, The higher you build because it is cracking below.  Foundations are crumbling and already broken, because they stand on sinking sand.

Now get ready for the Shaking; only God can shake.

FALLING DOWN!  FALLING DOWN! STAND CLEAR TO SAFETY – LOOK FOR HIGHER GROUND.  You must flee away my people, hide for the time of Shaking.  What can you do now to change my plans upon these evil men?  NOTHING.

Just trust Me and hide in My Secret Place, prepare for the Shaking.  BE READY for it is coming even is it at the door.  When it ends than run to help All you can.  Lifting them from the rubble; than you will be celebrated, then all men will see and know.

I BRING CLARITY for mans eyes.  I remove blinders the enemy has placed.  See in that day they will need You.


* * * * *

At the Breakfast table The Lord reminded me of a word He gave me on November 7, 2008.  It was titled “THE TWO PRESIDENTS”  I went to my Web Site where I have placed every major word the Lord has given me since 2008 through 2011.  (I am in the process of updating the 2012 Words to my Web Site, seeing I have been posting my words largely here on FB. and my Web Site has been under change and upgrading to a new server.)


I will give you the Link again here: The Two Presidents November 7, 2008

God told me in this word that He had sent TWO PRESIDENTS.. one was President Bush who was sent to ORCHESTRATE (to arrange the elements of… to achieve a goal or effect) MY SYMPHONY.  Than following Bush would come an EVIL MAN.  (that man was OBAMA).  It is plain to me that God told me in November 2008 and had me announce to the world that Obama would BRING CLARITY TO ALL IN AMERICA.  That CLARITY will be seen, AND IS BEING ALREADY SEEN BY MANY.  The Clarity will come WHEN HE LEADS THE EVIL MEN WHO OPPOSE GOD TO RUIN.  This is playing out RIGHT NOW AS I WRITE THESE WORDS FROM THE LORD.

NOTICE: SEE THE WORD CLARITY IN THE 10TH PARAGRAPH OF THE WORD “THE TWO PRESIDENTS”  The Lord began talking to me some days ago about CLARITY (last Wednesday, the Word “A DAY OF CLARITY”.  I looked it up and read its meaning.  NOW THIS MORNING, I see he used it in 2008.. WOW.

Prophet Ken Dewey


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Evangelist/Prophet/Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder of “OUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES” in Belen, New Mexico, USA. He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words, Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry.


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