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Preserved Judgement for The United Kingdom — 2 Comments

  1. Praise the Lord! God bless you, minister and sister in the Lord Jesus Christ! I extend peace and greetings to you and the true bride of Jesus Christ. I will pray, as I trust and believe that the Lord is tearing down and building in this season in which we are in.

    I admire your strength, faithfulness, obedience in our Lord Jesus Christ, as it is a great encouragement and inspiration to me, to so many others around the world, I’m sure.

    I also will pray your strength in the Lord, spiritually, mentally and physically, as I know it is a daily, but all worth the operation of working under God’s powerful anointing super naturally, the divine power through the Holy Ghost and yet the natural mind,body, spirit has to be renewed daily for the daily walk with God. God bless you, may the Lord continue to strengthen you daily.

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