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Promotion, Demotion and Elevation — 1 Comment

  1. Awesome, Wow, that is for me, Confirmation unto me spoken.
    Yes Lord, it is for you have spoken it over my life.
    This ring, he has shown to me as well, the signet, as he spoken to me, was not fully there, almost, not fully there yet, yet is is and will be finished upon my right hand.
    Yes he has promised promotions coming, Favor, Favor, in this season of my life, Glory to God, on high.
    The Father, also spoken to me, Greatness, how much he is going to esteem me Highly, far above, because I Highly do the same for him also.
    What a word!  I’m eleated to hear him speak, each and every time, what a joy it is this day, as I read these words, thank you dear heart, blessings to you this day.
    I always look forward to your sayings, for it is pure and true to heart.
    God bless you evermore. Amen!

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