The Foundation


There are those, who likely cannot recall just what a cornerstone is.  Certainly not the generation behind us, and even more so in the one following them.

For many of us, we were not involved in building the house; it was already built by the time we arrived there.  Such great factions today, do not want to hear anymore truth, about apostles and prophets.  The New Testament Church, was built on their foundation; we, were also implanted with the same.

As the LORD prepares to return, we are going to get into real trouble for changing things around.  God never intended to have a people, that pick and choose what they want; and discard the rest. Isn’t it likely true, that many of us cannot even tell you what foundation these appointed ones had.  We may be aware, that Jesus taught and preached, His own doctrine.  What was His doctrine?  We can be sure, it was not the list others made up and presented it to be.

Jesus Christ is that cornerstone.  He must be the beginning, of any thing we attempt to build.  Without the cornerstone being right, the rest of the building is out of line; everything is off set.  How is it, that men, decided they could replace the cornerstone; that it did not have to be erected in the same principles as the original.  It’s as though, much today, is built around some human attempt; that we no longer need the apostles and prophets.  Even with all of the force exerted to remove them, they are yet called; and stay called.

We are reminded of the seed that fell upon stony ground. It sprang up quickly, but it had no real depth or root.  It likely doesn’t interest many, that all of these mega this and mega that, these wealthy ministries and self-induced singing and preaching stars, will soon wither.  They have no true foundation; they never did.  It has all been built, on the foundation of men and his attempt to thwart the true order of the church Christ left here; and is coming back for.

There was a picture on here that actually startled me, and made me very sad. It was a picture of a woman sitting in church, with her two children.  They were totally engrossed by the device that they held in their hands.  And Mom, was on her I-phone, texting.  Can it not be seen clearly, that this is the foundation of the parents, and their little ones?  The generation behind us, know nothing or very little about spiritual warfare.  They have now produced a fleet of young people, who have no clue, of the deeper things of the Spirit.

Jesus kept saying, “He that hath an ear, let him hear.”  I’ve often wondered, why He said this so many times; over and again.  It was because that many would not be awake, and many would not hear what the Spirit is saying.

Any work, that is not truly rooted and grounded in love, will soon pass away.  How do we know that?  It’s because it was prophesied, that it would be this way.  What it took to begin His church, is the same thing it will end with.  Not our laws or principles; not what someone else said.

Without a solid and true foundation, it will all collapse upon itself.  Actually, it already is.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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