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Prophecy Briefing: “Fast Radio Bursts” and Our Warfare, Our Blessing — 4 Comments

  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! What a revelation. Very profound, thank you. Please could you do more teachings on this, I’ve never seen this covered anywhere else before. Thoroughly enjoyed this and very eye opening. We praise you God Almighty, All Powerful Father, King of the Universe!

  2. Praise you Lord God Almighty, who is maker of Heaven & Earth.  Glorious Father, we adore you, worship you & expect your wonderful Glory & Blessings to flow upon your children in this hour of need.  You said in Psalm 23: You are our Shepherd, We shall not want & we are expecting you to provide, protect & shelter us in your loving arms in these last days of turmoil & disease.  Just As you protected & provided for the Israelites in Goshen, your people, you will protect & provide for those of us who love & obey you today.  Amen!

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