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  1. At 78, Investor Preps for ‘Biggest Bear Market in My Life’
    David Wright’s fund saw only small losses in 2008, 2020 routs
    It’s mostly in cash and sold U.S. stocks, which are sinking

    We’re In a Big Bear Market, Sierra’s Wright Says

    We’re in a big bear market, says 78-year old David Wright.
    Source: Bloomberg
    ByYe Xie
    May 4, 2022, 2:48 PM

    David Wright knows a thing or two about bear markets.

    His Sierra Tactical All Asset Fund barely lost anything in 2008 as the global financial crisis caused the worst market panic since the Great Depression. Its loss during the Covid rout of 2020 was also relatively small. Wright, who is based in Santa Monica, California, says another private fund he runs didn’t lose a penny when the dot-com bubble burst two decades ago.

    But none of those periods compare with what’s ahead, according to Wright. Stocks and bonds have already fallen hard in 2022. Much more is coming, the 78-year-old said in an interview.

    “I believe we are in the biggest bear market in my life,” said Wright, co-founder of Sierra Investment Management, which oversees about $10 billion. “This is just the second inning. A lot more to come.”

  2. I too would value godly advice on how to prepare for this. Living in a flat, we have no storage areas, and I would like to hear advice on how to prepare in a city. Many thanks for sharing this timely warning.

  3. Lord , come to our rescue now as without your Mercy we can do nothing. This is what we are seeing right now. God bless you woman of God

  4. My husband just had a dream that he was driving down the highway in a red car when he suddenly had to slow down because three brown bears were sleeping in the middle of the road. He slowed to a stop and one bear woke up and started walking around the car and my husband started rolling up his window so the bear could not get inside. Then he woke up.

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