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Prophetic Insight for Troubled Times — 2 Comments

  1. Most High God, I hold Jezebel unto her judgment by the power of the Blood of Christ and of the Holy Spirit, cast her down from her throne Most High God, for she says “No one will see me” woe unto her! Hold your judgment upon Jezebel Lord, utterly destroy her most High God. I bind Satan by the Power of the Blood of Christ and of the Holy Spirit. Back to the pits of Hell, back to your Chains! Bind the Devil Lord!For you said on earth as it is in Heaven! May you send Jehu Lord! May you send him with a double anointing of Elijah if it were possible to destroy Jezebel, oh Most High God! For you oh Lord prepare a table before my enemies.

    Hold Jezebel unto her judgment Most High God. And as you disarmed every power and authority and principality to Public shame on the Cross of your Holy Son Most High God then so be it with Jezebel! May her withering glory and power be turn into public shame! For nothing is hidden that will not come to the Light! You said don’t tolerate Jezebel! and so we ask you Most High God to Hold her unto your Judgment! For she pollutes your Churches Lord with her deceptions and Religious Harlotry (Coexist)when clearly you are the Only WAY Jesus!

    Thank you Lord Jesus that you are the only Door way to heaven, not us! Thank you that you have laid it all down for all of us to know you personally and to be saved eternally in doing so! for the Entire World! Not just so some are saved, but ALL who believe, and they who believe shall never be condemned for their sins, but they (We, the Remnant) have passed from Death unto Life, and who is the eternal life? The Lord Jesus Christ!

    Lord! you are worthy, King of Kings, Lord of Lords! Lord of hosts!


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